About Exeter Green Party

Exeter Green Party is the political voice of the city’s strong green and social justice movement.

We believe that to improve the lives of local people we need a fairer society, a healthier environment and a sustainable economy.

We believe that lives can be improved through improved public services, affordable and high quality housing, better public transport, supporting local enterprise and in securing and developing sustainable and good quality jobs.

When it comes to planning Exeter’s future we need to put community first: too often a fixation on economic growth results in the loss of or damage to our valuable green spaces; deterioration in air quality or the loss of small local businesses pushed out by large corporations.

We also believe passionately in local democracy; the people of Exeter must be fully engaged in shaping the future of the city.

By gaining Green Party members to Exeter City Council we will be able to better support, strengthen and represent the growing green movement in Exeter.

As a progressive and democratic Party we continually review and update our policies and ideas and are ready to respond to the changing needs of the city - its communities, its environment and its economy.

We have a team of Officers who lead the party and co-ordinate our activities:

Business Meeting Chairs – Kay Powell, Lynn Wetenhall

Convenor and Research Officer – Peter Cleasby

Treasurer – Lizzie Woodman

Membership Officer and Data Protection Officer – Tom Milburn

Local Contact and Volunteer Coordinator – Diana Moore

Press Officer – Andrew Bell

Election Agent – Chris Dent

Elections Campaign Manager – Jonathan Dawson

Young Greens Officers – Joe Levy, Kay Powell

Committee Member – Mark Shorto



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