Air Pollution

Breathing easy in Exeter?

Did you know that air pollution – caused largely by traffic - is a serious public health threats in Exeter?  Health impacts include poor lung development and asthma among children, and deaths from cardiac and respiratory causes among adults.

The city has illegal levels of nitrogen dioxide and unknown (because they are not measured) levels of toxic tiny particles. Click here to see a map of illegal and close-to-illegal levels of Nitrogen Dioxide pollution in Exeter.

Yet the City Council claims air quality is good, despite lacking the evidence to say this.  Exeter Green Party believes that the City and County council’s attitude to this public health crisis is irresponsible.  We call on them to take bold, decisive action to ensure we can all breathe easy.

Please add your voice to our petition so councillors understand that people are concerned and support decisive action. Download the poster to put up and share via social media.

A consultation on air pollution has been run over the past weeks. You read Exeter Green Party's response here, and see the Draft Air Quality Plan here.