Exeter Green Party's groundbreaking  proposal to make Exeter city carbon neutral by 2030 was taken up by Exeter City Council, with a Climate Emergency declared in July 2019. Green Councillor Diana Moore ensured the Council  committee to updates on progress towards the Carbon Neutral goal in all Council reports,  making the Council's Climate Emergency policies transparent. She also  secured committments to biodiversity improvements.

The Green Party and Councillor Moore are now working to hold Exeter City Council to account on their Climate Emergency promises, as well keeping a close eye Devon County Council's Climate Emergency Progress. 

We want to see both Councils working together to meet Carbon Neutral goals and much clearer reporting on what the Council's are actually doing, not just on what they are talking about doing.  

What’s happening now? 

The good news: there are things that the City Council, supported by the County Council, could do now to take action, that would benefit our entire community. The bad news: the City Council is dragging its feet with no report on any actual actions taken since declaring a Climate Emergency in July 2019.  We want to see immediate action on at least the easier changes like altering residential streets to make cycling and walking safer, amending the Council's procurement policy to favour low carbon supplies and leading by example on their own staff parking and travel arrangements.

What needs to happen?

The city needs innovative policies, based on evidence and 'what works', not sticking plaster responses. There are proven solutions that are not being publically discussed by the Council, for example, a Work Place Parking Levy, or shifting transport spending to create a 'cycling city' where people of any ability can cycle safely.