Green Councillor Diana Moore is working hard to hold Exeter City Council to account in taking action on the Climate Emergency. She has successfully led the Council to agree that all Council reports should include an analysis of the progress and impact in working towards a Carbon Neutral city goal. This is a major step forward in ensuring transparent decisions that relate to the Climate Emergency and encouraging policy changes.

The City Council performed a U-turn on Climate Emergency, having previously ripped up the Green Party's March 2019 motion to council asking for a Climate Emergency.

At the July meeting of Exeter’s full Council, Diana, supported by Progressive Group colleague Jemima Moore (Independent), raised a whole range of issues that were not addressed by the Council’s plan to act on the Climate Emergency. This includes asking for sustainable construction standards to be built into all future contracts, that the Council’s investment policy support carbon neutral companies, that all council decisions should have a climate emergency element clearly highlighted, that land use planning and transport decisions are aligned to action on the Climate Emergency.