Newtown and St Leonard's By-election

Candidate: Tom Milburn

Tom Milburn"I first came to Exeter as a student and have now lived and worked here for 20 years. I am proud to call Exeter my home. I’ve lived in the Newtown & St Leonard’s area for around 15 years. I am standing again as a Green Party candidate because I am committed to serving residents here in Newtown & St Leonard’s.

I love living in the city centre. The diversity of the population and the hustle and bustle is great. The University is important to the city, but recent planning decisions are leading to an over-saturation of luxury student developments especially in the city centre. We should have a good mix of types of accommodation, not an over-reliance on "luxury" student properties, and we desperately need more social housing particularly in this area.

The fiasco over the redevelopment of the bus station is another example where the city council should rethink its plans. We need a bus and coach station that is fit for purpose and ‘future-proofed’, so it can cope with expansion as we change our reliance on the car and more people choose to use public transport instead. Now there is an opportunity to create a public space that incorporates a market square, able to showcase the best of Devon’s food, drink and locally-produced goods. We don’t need more chain stores and overpriced boutiques - and we certainly don’t need another cinema in the area.

The Labour Party on Exeter City Council are complacent and don’t listen to residents’  concerns. The Conservatives don’t present a realistic opposition. We need strong Green Party voices on the council to challenge wrong decisions and bring positive solutions.

Our existing Green councillor, Chris Musgrave, is doing a great job and I want to join him on Exeter City Council to continue to change politics in Exeter for the better - to speak truth to power and stand up for the common good."

Tom Milburn has worked for a large public service trade union for over ten years; before that, for the city council for 4 years. Tom first joined a union 20 years ago and, over the past 15 years, has taken on many union roles at local, regional and national level. Tom has been Chair of Exeter Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament for nearly 15 years as well, and represented the Exeter area on the National Council of CND since 2001. Tom is passionate about social justice and environmental issues.

If you live in Newtown and St Leonard's support our campaign for a better run Council, download and print this poster to display in your window