Air pollution

Did you know that air pollution – caused largely by traffic - is a serious public health threat in Exeter? Health impacts include poor lung development and asthma among children, and deaths from cardiac and respiratory causes, dementia and cancer among adults.

The city has illegal levels of nitrogen dioxide and unknown (because they are not measured) levels of toxic tiny particles. Yet the City Council claims air quality is good. We think this is misleading and irresponsible - you can find of the facts that the City Council aren’t telling you on this site.

Click here to read our fact sheet of Exeter’s air pollution problem.

We have had illegal, dirty air in the city for over a decade, with no action taken to address this public health crisis. Exeter Green Party has worked hard to expose this reality, and to urge Exeter City Council to take bold, decisive action to ensure we can all breathe easy. Sadly, the current Air Quality Action Plan published in November 2018 is full of promises about future improvement, but entirely lacking in specific actions to achieve them.

Nitrogen Dioxide Pollution in Exeter

Markers show ‘high’ and ‘medium’ pollution readings, as defined by Public Health England. The legal limit is 40mg/m3.

Red pins: High air pollution - Over 28.5 mg/m3

Orange pins: Medium air pollution - 20.5 – 28.5 mg/m3



Data source: Readings rounded to nearest whole number.