Joe Levy has been nominated as Exeter Green Party’s candidate in the 2017 General Election. Joe Levy, 22 years old and a resident of St Thomas, works for Exeter University at the Student Information Desk and is currently Exeter Green Party’s Fundraising Officer and Young Greens Co-Ordinator. He has been particularly involved with projects tackling food poverty in the city, protecting green spaces, as well as championing youth representation in local community groups.

Joe Levy

Joe Levy

“Growing up in Ealing, West London, I was obsessed with trees and the environment. I had been given a strong sense of identity, coming from a Sephardic Jewish background on my Dad’s side and a rich history of migration on my Mum’s side. By the time I moved to Exeter in 2012, to study Archaeology and Anthropology, I felt very frustrated by society; at the way people had been shut out of public life, be it because of money, race, gender, sexuality or religion; and, at politicians who turned a blind eye while corporations tore apart our natural environment.

By the European elections 2014, I wanted to take action, and joined the Green Party. I became Exeter University Green Party’s Publicity Officer, organising large talks and promoting the Green Party at the University. 

Following my degree, I got more involved in the local community getting involved in campaigning against cuts to bus services and organising an anti-austerity protest. I decided to stay in Exeter and I now live in St Thomas, an area that stretches from the inner city to the countryside. 

I’m the Youth Coordinator of the community association and active in projects tackling food poverty, protecting green spaces and improving youth services. I’ve stood in the local elections in 2016 and 2017, coming third in this year’s County Council elections in the Exwick and St Thomas division.

Outside of activism, I work at the Student Information Desk at Exeter University, providing advice and technical support to staff and students.

I’m delighted to be your Green Parliamentary candidate and I look forward to seeing you all during the campaign!”

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Joe Levy:         07788469712

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