Exeter to recognise risks of not achieving Net Zero by 2030

19 October 2021

The Progressive Group on Exeter City Council have succeeded in persuading the council to work on a separate Risk Register to monitor the Council’s ability to meet its Net Zero 2030 target. The Labour-led council pledged in 2019 for Exeter to become Net Zero by 2030 - a state where emissions of carbon in the city are balanced by removal of carbon out of the atmosphere.

Bold strategic approach needed on low traffic neighbourhoods, say Greens

07 October 2021

Greens say that the scale of the transition needed due to the climate crisis and impact of air pollution requires a whole city approach to low traffic neighbourhoods, rather than the current piecemeal approach.


06 October 2021


Progressive Group councillors accuse Labour of recycling excuses over delayed food and glass collections

23 July 2021

The Progressive Group on Exeter City Council have accused the Labour-led Council of ‘dither and delay’ over the introduction of kerbside collections of food waste and glass for recycling.

Wildlife success at Northbrook but green spaces in Exeter still face threat from Labour-led Council

22 June 2021

The Progressive Group of councillors on Exeter City Council have welcomed overwhelming public support for safeguarding and enhancing a key green space in the city but have warned other green spaces in the city are not guaranteed protection.

Progressive Group continue cooperative arrangement to challenge One-Party Council

19 May 2021

Following the election of an additional Green councillor to Exeter City Council in the local elections, the Progressive Group has agreed to continue to work together on areas of common ground and to provide scrutiny of the Labour-led Council.

The future of Exeter is Green, say Green Party after election achievements

10 May 2021

Greens secured their second seat on Exeter City Council, missed winning a third seat in Heavitree by just 16 votes, quadrupled their vote in Newtown and St Leonard’s ward and increased their vote share in every division in the Devon County Council elections.

Greens present Labour with climate and nature challenge

04 May 2021

Greens have thrown down a series of challenges for the Labour-led City Council in the wake of Labour claims to be “leading the way on climate action and protecting biodiversity.

Green spaces not safe under Labour, say Exeter Green Party

28 April 2021

The Green Party in Exeter has warned that the city’s green spaces are not safe as the Labour leader confirms green sites could be built on.

Labour reject strengthening Climate and Ecological Emergency motion

28 April 2021

Labour has rejected amendments put forward by the Progressive Group which sought to strengthen a motion on the Climate and Ecological Emergency. The Group has also highlighted Labour's disarray over what has been previously agreed.

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