Greens demand more emergency funding for Exeter to address ‘bleak’ financial situation threatening essential services

21 April 2020

Exeter’s Green councillor, Diana Moore, has joined 346 other Green Party councillors from 120 councils across the country to demand emergency and longer-term funding for local authorities so they can continue to support communities during the coronavirus crisis.

Exeter Green Party respond to Flybe collapse

05 March 2020

Commenting on the collapse of Exeter based airline Flybe, Diana Moore, Green councillor in the city, said: “Coronavirus may have proved to be the final nail in the coffin for Flybe, but this is a company that has been sick for a long time. . . . there must now be an urgent rescue package for businesses in Flybe’s supply chain and training academy, and real help for employees to find good jobs in the green economy.”

Labour reject amended budget put forward by Progressive Group

27 February 2020

Councillors from the Progressive Group on Exeter City Council have expressed their dismay after Labour councillors voted down their amendments to the Council’s budget last night. The group proposed to reopen public toilets and create two new officer posts; one to ensure Exeter City Council implement a city-wide plan to tackle the climate emergency and another to enforce planning conditions to protect the city's built and natural environment.

Alternative budget to protect climate, enforce planning conditions and reopen public toilets

24 February 2020

The Progressive Group on Exeter City Council is proposing amendments to the Council’s budget which would see public toilets reopened and two new officer posts; one to ensure Exeter City Council implements a city wide plan to tackle the climate emergency and another to enforce planning conditions to protect the city's built and natural environment.

Secrecy and zero progress on tackling air quality

22 February 2020

Exeter Green Party has said the refusal by the City Council to answer questions about progress on implementing the Air Quality Action Plan, agreed back in November 2018, suggests no progress has been made in cleaning up Exeter’s serious air pollution.

Greens and Lib Dems agree cooperative arrangement

17 February 2020

In a first for Exeter, the Greens and Liberal Democrats have agreed to work cooperatively in this May's city council elections in a bid to make the Progressive Group the official opposition on Exeter City Council. The two parties have worked together over the last year in the council under the progressive banner, together with independent councillor Jemima Moore. The agreement will mean in each Exeter ward up for election in May a Green or Lib Dem candidate will stand, but not both.

Progressive group of councillors welcome Labour U-Turn on Clifton Hill

24 January 2020

The Progressive Group on Exeter City Council has welcomed the U-turn by the Labour run council on the Clifton Hill. While the Sports centre and car park will be replaced with 44 new houses, the Council has agreed that the green space, ski slope and golf range will now be saved.

Green councillor calls for ‘no win’ city center free parking to be scrapped

12 January 2020

Exeter City Council is set to lose £35,000 per year offering free parking on Thursday evenings. Green party councillor Diana Moore calls for lost funds to be used to fund the reopening of some of the city’s public toilets.

New retail development

10 January 2020

Green councillor Diana Moore has expressed disappointment at the decision by councillors on the planning committee of Exeter City Council to grant planning permission for a new £40m retail park on the edge of Exeter. She acknowledges shops and services are needed to support the growth in homes on the east side of the city but says this is a poor scheme.

Green Party on the up in Exeter

14 December 2019

The Greens in Exeter saw their share of the vote quadruple compared with 2017 in December 12th’s General election, securing 8.6% of the vote.

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