Green leader in Exeter to push Green solutions to the climate emergency.

05 December 2019

As diplomats and ministers meet in Madrid for the latest global climate talks and the head of the UN warns we are rapidly reaching the point of no return, Green Party co-leader, Sian Berry, will visit Exeter on Tuesday 10th December to push the party’s Green New Deal as the solution to the climate emergency.

Co-Living Con

04 December 2019

Green Party Councillor, Diana Moore, has condemned the “Co-living Con” being proposed by the developers of the Harlequins Shopping Centre.

Deputy Green Leader in Exeter to boost Greens Campaign

29 November 2019

Deputy Green Party leader, Amelia Womack, will be in Exeter tomorrow to boost her Party’s parliamentary election campaign.

Greens pledge support to striking university staff

25 November 2019

Exeter Green Party parliamentary candidate, Joe Levy, has today expressed his support for the strike by University and College Union (UCU) members at Exeter university and 80 universities around the UK

Voter registration deadline

23 November 2019

Five minutes to register to vote for a government for five years! Exeter Greens have called on all Exeter citizens who have not registered to vote to apply immediately as there are only a few days left before the 26th November deadline.

Joe Levy talks to Radio Devon about Unite to Remain

12 November 2019

Joe talks to Janet Kipling on BBC Radio Devon about Unite to Remain - an alliance between the Green Party, Liberal Democrats and Plaid Cymru - where a single remain candidate will stand in 60 seats across England and Wales.

Green selected as Remain candidate for Exeter in electoral arrangement

07 November 2019

Joe Levy, Green Party parliamentary candidate for Exeter, has been agreed as the Remain candidate in an electoral agreement between the Liberal Democrats, the Green Party and Plaid Cymru.

Time to use Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) to reward developers of eco-homes, say Greens

16 October 2019

Greens have called for developers of eco-friendly homes to be rewarded while those who fail to meet high environmental standards be penalised.

Greens say planned park and ride is anti-climate, dinosaur policy

08 October 2019

Greens have called out Devon County Council for ignoring their own Climate Emergency policy by seeking to build a new park and ride on the edge of Exeter. Park and ride on the city’s edge is a ‘business as usual’ response. It actively encourages private car use and longer car journeys.

Exeter Greens announce Joe Levy to stand again as parliamentary candidate

01 October 2019

Exeter Green Party have announced Joe Levy will be their their candidate for a likely autumn general election and will fight on a platform of ‘yes to Europe, no to climate change.’

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