Green push to save Clifton Hill sports centre

01 January 2019

Exeter Green Party have formally asked Exeter City Council to reverse their ill-judged decision to close down Clifton Hill Sports Centre. But Exeter's Labour administration refused to listen to facts or local opinion.

Exeter Greens slam Council’s new Air Quality Plan

08 December 2018

Exeter Green Party have labelled the Labour-run City Council’s new Action Plan to improve Exeter’s dirty air an ‘Inaction Plan’. They say the new Plan will not achieve any significant improvements for years to come, with serious public health implications.

Green’s challenge Labour to come clean over absent councillor

29 October 2018

Green Councillor, Chris Musgrave, is challenging Exeter Labour party to reveal the whereabouts of a missing councillor. Residents of St David’s, where Lewis Keen is a Labour councillor, have raised concerns about his absence in the ward; the fact he has no residential address in Exeter, being listed as ‘C/O Civic Centre’ [1]; and his failure to attend successive council meetings [2].

Green Party motion on ‘People’s Vote’ passed by large majority of Exeter City Council councillors.

17 October 2018

A motion to Exeter City Council backing a ‘People’s Vote’ on the final Brexit deal passed with a large majority at the full council meeting last night. The motion, put forward by Green Party councillor Chris Musgrave, secured 21 votes in favour, with only 7 against.

Green Party motion on ‘People’s Vote’ to go to full Council next Tuesday 16th October 2018

12 October 2018

The Green Party are putting forward a motion to Exeter City Council next Tuesday [1] urging councillors to back a ‘People’s Vote’ [2] on the final Brexit deal. Campaigners are expected to provide a colourful and noisy reception to councillors as they arrive at the Guildhall for the meeting which begins at 6pm.

Exeter Greens call on City Council to back ‘People’s Vote’ on the final Brexit deal

21 August 2018

The Green Party are to put forward a motion to Exeter City Council urging councillors to back a ‘People’s Vote’ on the final Brexit deal as a result of increasing public support for such a vote in recent months, with one petition having reached almost 700,000 signatures. In the South West, a recent poll found that people across the region back a vote on the Brexit deal by a margin of 42% to 35% and a majority now favour remaining in the EU.

Exeter Greens slam Council complacency over city’s air quality – a ‘serious health problem’

20 August 2018

Exeter Green Party has slammed the Labour-run City Council over complacency and inaction in the face of new evidence the city’s air quality is a serious health risk.

Exeter Green Party responds to City Council elections

04 May 2018

* Greens consolidate their position as third political party in Exeter, achieving 10.5% of the vote city-wide * Community champion Diana Moore comes a strong second in St David’s with 32% of vote * Result again casts spotlight on ‘antiquated and unfair voting system’; under a proportional system Greens would have 3-4 councillors * Green Party councillor, Chris Musgrave, pledges to continue holding Labour council to account and present fresh and bold ideas *

Single Use Plastics - the final straw

24 April 2018

Green Party councillor, Chris Musgrave, will today propose a motion pledging Exeter City Council to become a ‘single-use plastic-free’ authority by the end of 2018.

Greens pledge to challenge ‘one-party state Labour Council’ and be a refreshing change for residents.

23 April 2018

Everyone in Exeter will have a Green candidate to vote for in the City Council elections to strengthen opposition to the ‘one-party state’ Labour council. The Greens’ first priority is a better run Exeter City Council and to ensure council tax is spent more wisely. That’s the promise that the local Green Party has made to voters who will head to the ballot box on 3rd May. Greens are standing candidates in all 13 wards where elections are taking place and are confident of further consolidating their position as the third political Party in Exeter, ahead of the Lib Dems.

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