EU Referendum Leave Vote

29 September 2016

Like Molly Scott Cato, Green MEP for the South West, Exeter Green Party is deeply disappointed that the UK has chosen to leave the EU

EU Referendum Leave vote a red alert for environment and rights

06 July 2016

We are delighted that a majority of people in Exeter voted to support our continued membership of the EU. This was a victory for hope over hate.

Greens now third party in Exeter following local elections

09 May 2016

Despite failing to win a seat, the Green Party is now the third party in Exeter, achieving a higher proportion of the vote than either the Lib Dems or UKIP.

Greens call for greater transparency as ‘secret’ plans for ‘super cross-county authority’ emerge

26 April 2016

The Green Party last night condemned Exeter Labour’s for backing plans which place the ill-fated Hinkley C nuclear power station at the heart of an economic growth plan for the City.

Greens call for a halt to further luxury student flat developments

14 April 2016

Exeter Greens have called for a halt to the continued growth of purpose-built luxury student accommodation, saying the speed and scale of the developments poses risks to the mix and diversity of the city centre; the provision of affordable accommodation and to student mental health.

A new generation of trees for Exeter

03 April 2016

Exeter Greens have accused Exeter City Council of pruning tree staff to the bare minimum and say that a lack of investment is leaving communities in the dark about when and why trees are being cut down.

Unpacking Labour spin on recycling rates

28 March 2016

Exeter Greens have accused the Labour run Exeter city council of a cover-up on recycling rates. They say the council’s latest public messaging on recycling suggest a massive increase in the amount of waste being recycled to 49%, while a recent scrutiny committee report says recycling rates in the city have actually fallen in the last year to 34%.

Green Party Leader’s vote of confidence in Exeter Greens

15 March 2016

Natalie Bennett, Green Party leader, is visiting Exeter next Tuesday to launch Exeter Green Party’s manifesto ahead of the city council elections in May. Ms Bennett’s visit comes as the local Party becomes ever more confident it will gain its first city council seats in May.

"Why the UK is Greener In the EU"

08 March 2016

Green Party Leader, Natalie Bennett will be visiting Exeter next Tuesday, 15th March, ahead of the City Council elections in May.

Help homeless people, don’t criminalise them, say Greens

24 February 2016

The Green Party has condemned Labour’s plans for a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) across the city centre, condemning them as ‘muddled thinking’ which will fail to help local residents or businesses. The proposals could lead to the confiscation of sleeping bags and personal items and ultimately lead to the criminalisation of homeless people unable to pay a fine.

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