Diana Moore

Councillor Diana Moore, St David's

Diana has been working hard in St David’s for several years. She is a familiar face in St David's, meeting residents to listen to their views and work with them to take action. She understands the many issues that residents in St David's face. She is also a regular face on BBC Spotlight and voice on local radio, speaking out on local and city–wide issues for Exeter Green Party.

Diana is an experienced business advisor, working with social enterprises, charities and councils. She is also active in the community, having helped establish Exeter Community Forum. She was its co-Chair, then Chair until 2018. The Forum brings community organisations and Exeter City Council together to support community action and oversee the allocation of community infrastructure levy funds.

Contact: 07903 932 214, Email: cllr.diana.moore@exeter.gov.uk


We have a team of Officers who lead the party and co-ordinate our activities:

Business Meeting Chairs – Gill Westcott; Lynn Wetenhall

Research Officer – Peter Cleasby

Treasurer – Lizzie Woodman

Data Protection Officer – Tom Milburn

Membership Officer - Liz Dunbar

Local Contact and Volunteer Coordinator – Joe Levy

Press Officer – Andrew Bell

Election Agent – Chris Dent

Elections Campaign Manager – Jonathan Dawson

Young Greens Officer – Joe Levy