The Green Party is the only major political party in the UK that is committed to securing democracy and justice within the planet's limits. We believe that our lives here in Exeter can be improved through improved public services, affordable and high quality housing, better public transport, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, making our streets safe and attractive and supporting local enterprise and good quality jobs. We also want to see a council that listens to local people and does business in an open, understandable way.

Exeter Greens are working hard to help achieve these things, for both the short term and to secure a sustainable future for Exeter.

We are proud to do politics differently but we need determined, caring people like you to help us make it happen. You can help make Exeter a better place here, read our local 2018 manifesto here, and read the Green Party's national policies here.

Modern transport

Exeter needs an up-to-date, whole-city transport strategy, agreed by Exeter City Council and Devon County Council. We would all benefit from a transport system that delivers clean air, pleasant neighbourhood streets, and safe, easy travel by bike and on foot, making it easy for people of all ages and abilities to cycle and walk safely.


A better run council would give local people have a say on issues that affect them. We will hold the Labour-run council to account, uncover hidden facts, ensuring you hear the full story, and making sure they listen to your views. We need a more open, inclusive and accountable council with real community consultation when planning new developments.


Exeter needs affordable, energy efficient housing to rent or buy, and more investment in council housing. We will push to do more to tackle the causes of homelessness, for better support for renters, and for action on substandard rented accommodation and bad landlords. We are promoting use of underused office space and brownfield sites for new housing, and support community led, cooperative and self-build schemes for low cost housing.

People not profit

Public services which offer the best value locally are those which are run with local input, not top down. Our leisure centres should be run by not-for-profit organisations who will reinvest in public services. We must support small businesses, reducing reliance on international and national companies, to improve the local economy to keep more money here. We are pushing for a modern market in the city centre to promote local enterprise and access to local food.

A better environment

Creating 'liveable neighbourhoods' so that people can enjoy and use their street space. Local facilities in neighbourhoods to reduce the need to travel. Introducing a food waste collection and raise recycling levels, whilst generating income from waste disposal and processing. Protecting Exeter’s public green spaces and parks and support local involvement in them. Banning the use of damaging weed-killers by the City Council. Divesting funds from fossil fuels and investing in sustainable and renewable opportunities. Aiming for 100% of the council's electricity coming from renewable sources.

Exeter Climate Challenge

We are pushing for immediate action to tackle Exeter’s poor air quality, and for Exeter to become a zero carbon city by 2030. We want to make Exeter a city that not only reduces its own greenhouse gas emissions, but also one that thrives in the challenging future of a less stable climate. Supporting more renewable energy initiatives across the city, planting more trees and delivering energy efficient homes and buildings, and cutting down the volume of car traffic will not only reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality, it will also make for a better place to live.