The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted our vulnerability. The pandemic has also exploited the deep-rooted inequalities in our society, with the poorest and those from ethnic minorities being most impacted. 

The climate and ecological emergency too shows how vulnerable our environment is and the precarious state it is in. And scientists report a strong link between the state of our environment and the ability of viruses to unleash themselves on us. 

As we emerge from Covid-19 during 2021, we need to think about how we can create an economy and a society that tackles the root causes of inequality and environmental breakdown.  

We may not be able to promise the earth, but our priorities for Exeter can ensure we have a green recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic; that we can create an economy and a society that tackles both inequality and environmental damage. As life returns to a sense of normality, now is the time to Make Normal Better.  

See our priorities for Exeter for the May 6th County Council and City Council elections.

Our priorities for Exeter

Climate Emergency

Real action to ensure Exeter meets its pledge to be carbon neutral by 2030 - including a city-wide carbon reduction budget to show progress, engagement with communities on the steps we will all need to take and the creation of a locally owned fund to provide investment.

Green Jobs

Support the creation of local jobs which contribute to the recovery from COVID and help the city meet its climate goals - especially those in the social enterprise and small business sectors. We want to see a modern market in the city centre which focuses on supporting new and small businesses and promoting local affordable food.

Decent housing 

 Ensure decent new zero carbon housing with low running costs that is truly affordable to rent. We'll challenge Labour's plans to profit from a company renting all its homes at market rates and instead push for more investment in council housing. We support community led, cooperative and self-build schemes for low cost housing.

Green Travel  

Ensure low carbon and active travel options - especially walking, cycling and public transport - are safe, convenient and affordable and so tackle the city’s poor air quality. We support Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, which will make our streets safer and more pleasant places to live and move around. We want to make Exeter ‘a 20mph city’.

 Boost recycling

Push Labour to keep their promise on the stalled new kerbside food waste collection. Food waste makes up almost half of Exeter's incinerated waste and Exeter has a dismal 26% recycling rate, the lowest in Devon.

Better participatory democracy

Push for open, transparent and democratically run councils where local people have a say on issues that affect them and where robust scrutiny and holding ruling parties to account is possible. We want to give communities a better say in how we plan the future development of Exeter - a new local plan that protects nature, boosts biodiversity and creates low carbon communities.