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Meet the Exeter Green Party candidates standing in the Exeter City Council elections on 3rd May 2018.

After the City Council elections in 2016 Exeter Green Party secured our position as the ‘third party’ in Exeter and in February 2017 we gained our first city councillor, Chris Musgrave, for Alphington.

Elected Greens pledge to pursue policies which protect our one shared planet, protect public services so they serve our local communities and promote a local economy that works for everyone. See our manifesto for the Council elections.

Everyone in Exeter will have a Green candidate to vote for in the City Council elections.

Here are our candidates:



I have lived in Alphington for 14 years, know the ward well, and have a clear understanding of the issues that are important to local people. In particular I have supported the Alphington community in their efforts to create a supplementary planning guidance in Alphington and challenge large scale developments to the south of Alphington on the edge of Exeter and in Teignbridge.

I co-led the successful campaign for a 20mph speed limit in the village which has reduced the impact of speeding traffic. I have long campaigned on transport issues, championing traffic reduction measures and making Exeter a safer and more healthy city through actions to improve investment in and infrastructure for walking, cycling, public transport and car clubs. 

As an ex-teacher, I have also been involved in several initiatives working with the local primary school, including citizenship, environmental and philosophy education.


Duryard & St James


I'm a fourth year BA Politics and Sustainability student who has lived in the St James and Duryard ward for most of my time in Exeter. This year, I'm the President of the University's Green Party Society, after being active in the Green Party and Young Greens for almost three years.

Developers have been given a free rein and are pricing students out of their luxury accommodation.  It is time to change planning rules to ensure affordable housing in Exeter – for local people and students.





I joined the Green Party because of my concern over human caused Climate disruption and agree with the view that it is the challenge of our time - a striking real world metaphor warning us to take heed. We can only really address this - and all other problems facing us - on a personal level by seeking ways to be part of the solution. As Exeter grows in size, we need Green Councillors to offer imaginative and intelligent solutions to the city’s problems, especially air quality and transport. The Green Party advocates radical and inclusive alternatives to show people how we can change the way we can live within the resources of our planet


Gill Baker Gill Baker

I have lived in Heavitree for over nine years and have recently moved to Whipton.  I am actively involved in the Heavitree Community Partnership and Transition Exeter.  I was involved in helping develop Exeter Community Energy and Exeter Pound and am passionate about developing local initiatives to improve our health and environment.  I have volunteered for a number of environmental charities and I run Exeter Green Walks.

I have worked in commercial, charity and academic organisations.  I spent 9 years based at the RD&E and am now managing the Wellcome Centre for Cultures and Environments of Health at the University of Exeter.

My 13 year son and I enjoy the outdoors and I enjoy spending time at our allotment.

I am standing for the green party because I believe that they are trying to "solve tomorrow's problems yesterday" ... taking a forward looking and preventative stance which will safeguard our children and generations to come.

Mincinglake & Whipton


Since I coming to Exeter in 2014 to study BA Sociology as a mature student, I’ve become deeply involved with Exeter as a city. I have taken in active role in promoting local businesses having been involved with Exeter Pound, the city’s very own local currency, working with independent businesses across the city and building links in the community.

I have been an active Green Party member, treasurer of the University’s Green Party Society and a candidate in Local and parliamentary elections. I’m really passionate about improving our welfare system to be as fair and efficient as possible, reducing poverty and homelessness - both of which are big issues for Exeter, and Devon as a whole.

Vote Green, for the common good!



Newtown & St Leonards


I first came to Exeter as a student and I’m pleased I have now lived and worked here for 20 years and proud to call Exeter my home.  I’ve lived in the Newtown area of the city for over a decade.  I am standing again as a Green Party candidate because I am committed to serving residents here in Newtown & St Leonard’s.

I have worked for a trade union for over 10 years and have been a trade union member for nearly 20 years, taking on a range of trade union activist roles at local, regional and national level.

I have been the Chair of Exeter Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament for nearly 15 years and represent the Exeter area of the South West region on the National Council of CND.  

I am proud to be an eco-socialist. I want to join our Green Party Councillor on Exeter City Council to continue to change politics in Exeter for the better and for the common good.





I have lived in Pennsylvania, Exeter for over 20 years and worked for Devon County Council (DCC) for the same length of time. My employment with DCC was in the area of Special Education Needs. I worked as a Local Authority Social Worker in London for 15 years before moving to Exeter. I retired from DCC in September 2016.

I am an active Trade Union member and active in local campaigns against cuts to services. I am passionately concerned about social justice and issues including homelessness, poverty, support for vulnerable individuals and communities and disadvantaged groups in society.

If elected as a Councillor I would be constantly seeking to bring positive change in these areas.  I believe strongly in keeping services public and accountable.

I am passionate about the natural world and environment. My leisure activities include our allotment, cycling, walking, swimming and yoga. I am also very interested in the local arts scene, which is thriving and a great asset to Exeter and in the built environment


 Diana JonesDiana Jones

Diana Jones has lived in Exeter for over two years.  She is retired and does voluntary work in the city. 

I am standing in this election so that you can vote for the only Party which understands how important it is that you live in a city which is a healthy and beautiful place.  Green Party policies all flow from the realisation that in the final analysis we human beings depend on our environment. I am committed to work tirelessly to protect and support services that benefit residents and our environment. One of my concerns locally is that Exeter is amongst the very few councils in this country that has no provision at all for the collection of food waste and as your councillor I would work to bring in this much needed service.







Lynn lives in priory ward.  She is active in issues affecting the ward, including setting up the community group Ludwell Life, which among other things has created a community orchard in Ludwell valley park. She has lobbied for making Ludwell Lane a traffic calmed road so that pedestrians and cyclists can use it safely.

Lynn is also Exeter Green Party’s lead campaigner on air pollution and on food waste, working hard to push Exeter City Council to take action to improve air quality, and  to bring in a food waste collection.





St David’s


Diana is the candidate for St David's ward in the May 3rd Exeter City Council elections. She is a familiar face in St David's, meeting residents to listen to their views and work with them to take action. She understands the many issues that residents in St David's face. She is also a regular face on BBC Spotlight and voice on local radio, speaking out on local and city–wide issues for Exeter Green Party.

Diana is an experienced business advisor, working with social enterprises, charities and councils. She is also active in the community, having helped establish Exeter Community Forum which she chairs. The Forum brings community organisations and Exeter City Council together to support community action.



St Loye's

AndrAndrew Cheesewrightew Cheesewright

Andrew has lived in Exeter for over 30 years and co-runs a independent baking business.

As a keen cycle commuter he believes Exeter deserves city councillors who want a sustainable future for the city: encouraging travel throughout the city prioritising walking cycling and accessible public transport and a local circular economy based on encouraging small and micro-businesses.

We live in a beautiful city that deserves a thriving green future.



St Thomas


In 2017 I was the Green Party Parliamentary candidate in Exeter as I  feel passionately about our values of environmental, social and economic justice. This is now the third year I have stood in St Thomas a place that is an important part of my life. I feel proud of the strong community we have here.

Every Sunday I help fight food poverty, running a free food stall for anyone who wants it, something which the local community has embraced, even in the face of opposition from local councillors and police. Having been Assistant Chair of St Thomas Community Association for a year, in January I stood down to take on the role of Youth Coordinator. This has provided me with the opportunity to organise events and projects that will ensure young people have a strong voice in St Thomas and fighting to reinstate the youth centre on Merrivale Road. Additionally I am very active in protecting and enhancing local green spaces through Bloom ‘In St Thomas. As a group we have provided food growing opportunities, enhanced biodiversity and engaged all generations in our green spaces, winning Gold in South West in Bloom.



Jonathan Dawson

Jonathan DawsonJonathan has lived and worked in Exeter for 17 years.   He was brought up in Exmouth and studied electronic engineering at Plymouth.   His career took him away to various parts of the UK, but he chose to return to Devon in 2000.

In addition to a career in engineering, Jonathan has worked in a right livelihood retail business and explored communal living in Bristol; worked within external relations at the University of Exeter and is a qualified life and business coach and meditation teacher.

For the past five years he has run his own business in Exeter where he designs a specialist meditation seat which is in demand internationally.

Jonathan joined the Green Party because he could see that there was much to be changed in the world and wanted to play an active part in creating a better future for people and our planet.

He would campaign for a reduction in traffic through Topsham and see more non-shared routes for improved cycling and walking access as well as better public transport for the surrounding areas. This would reduce pollution and make for a safer and more pleasant environment.


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