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Meet the Exeter Green Party candidates standing in the Devon County Council and Exeter City Council by-election on 4th May 2017.

After the City Council elections Exeter Green Party secured our position as the ‘third party’ in Exeter. 

In February this year we gained our first city councillor, Chris Musgrave, who defected from Labour and is now Green Party councillor for Alphington.

Elected Greens pledge to pursue policies which protect our one shared planet, protect public services so they serve our local communities and promote a local economy that works for everyone. See our manifesto for the County Council elections.

There are 9 Exeter seats on Devon County Council and in May 2017 everyone in Exeter will have the chance to vote Green. 

The wards for the County Council have changed and there are 9 Divisions (compared to the 13 in the Exeter City Council).

We also have a candidate, Joe Levy, who is standing in the St Thomas by-election for Exeter City Council. 

Here are our candidates:

Alphington & Cowick


I have lived in Alphington for 14 years and have been active in the community for many years in Exeter. I have successfully campaigned on transport issues, leading the campaign for a 20mph zone in Alphington and following meetings with Stagecoach secured the all-day £1 add-on bus fare for children travelling on the city’s bus routes.

I am a keen cyclist and believe passionately in creating a safer and healthier environment for cyclists and pedestrians. I am deeply concerned that the expansion of Exeter into outlying areas and districts is building houses not communities. We need to ensure that all developments incorporate the public services – doctors surgeries, social care and schools – and public transport provision needed to support healthy, thriving communities.

I have stood as a Green candidate in many city and county council elections and have stood several times in Alphington. As a candidate in St David’s ward for several years, I saw the Green vote grow to over 20% and became a well-known local candidate and activist. I currently work for the South West’s Green MEP, Molly Scott Cato, as her press officer and have been Exeter Green Party press officer for many years. The Conservative-led County Council needs genuine strong opposition and I believe that as a councillor for Alphington and Cowick I can provide that opposition.

Duryard & Pennsylvania


I have lived in Pennsylvania, Exeter for over 20 years and worked for Devon County Council for the same length of time. My employment with Devon CC was in the area of Special Education Needs. I worked as a Local Authority Social Worker in London for 15 years before moving to Exeter. I retired from DCC in September 2016.

I have been a member of the Green Party since 2010 and Treasurer of Exeter Green Party for several years. I have been active in every local and General Election campaign during this time and I have stood as a candidate for City Council in each City Council election since 2010. I have actively participated in drafting our local manifestos for City and County elections.

I am an active Trade Union member and have been active in local campaigns against cuts to services. I am passionately concerned about social justice and issues including homelessness, poverty, support for vulnerable individuals and communities and disadvantaged groups in society. If elected as a Councillor I would be constantly seeking to bring positive change in these areas.  I believe strongly in keeping services public and accountable.

I am passionate about the natural world and environment. My leisure activities include our allotment, cycling, walking, swimming and yoga. I am also very interested in the local arts scene, which is thriving in Exeter and a great asset and in the built environment. 

Exwick and St Thomas (Devon County Council) & St Thomas (Exeter City Council)


I have been part of Exeter Green Party for 2 years, and feel passionately about our values of environmental, social and economic justice. This is now the second time I am willing to stand in a local election to fight for these.

I am keen to represent Exwick and St Thomas, as it encompasses much of the community I live in and work with on a daily basis. I am the youth coordinator for St Thomas Community Association, working to ensure that the community is inclusive of young people. I’m also part of Bloom In’ St Thomas, a group trying to make our community more engaged in green spaces and find new ways of using our parks, roads and railway station.

I have stood up to fight food poverty, by organising a city-wide food drive in support of Exeter Food Bank at Christmas that collected a quarter of a tonne of food and drew coverage from ITV and BBC.

I have stood up against cruel austerity cuts, as one of the coorganisers of a 300-strong anti-austerity rally in Northernhay Gardens last June.

I am proud of the progress that Exeter Young Greens has made in the year since it was founded, engaging young people inside and outside education. If elected, I will fight for the return of proper youth services to Exwick and St Thomas.

I know that we can achieve great things here in the future. Since I stood in the City Council elections for St Thomas in May 2016, I have been talking to residents and finding out how they feel about their community. I hope this will translate into a powerful Green presence in the ward and bring Green politics to Exwick and St Thomas.

Heavitree & Whipton Barton


Since I arrived in Exeter in 2014 to study BA Sociology as a mature student, ince I arrived in Exeter in 2014 to study BA Sociology as a mature student, I’ve become deeply involved with Exeter as a city. As well as working in various pastoral roles in the University, I also work part-time for Exeter Pound, the city’s very own local currency. This role has me working with independent businesses across the city and building links in the community.

Within the Green Party, I sit on Exeter Green Party committee and I am Co-Chair of the University’s Green Party Society. In last year’s City Council elections I stood as a candidate in St David's ward. I’m really passionate about many of our social policies, particularly those about improving our welfare system to be as fair and efficient as possible, reducing poverty and homelessness - both of which are big issues for Exeter, and Devon as a whole.

Vote Green, for the common good!

Pinhoe & Mincinglake


I’ve lived in Exeter for two years, having moved here to start my degree in Geography, Politics and Sustainability. My course asked me to question how to combat environmental, social and economic challenges and I could no longer avoid that these issues are extremely political, leading me to joining the party in January 2015. In the last year, I have taken on many roles in the party, now Co-President of the University Green Party Society and Secretary of South West Young Greens.

I have also become involved in Exeter outside of the university, last year running three campaigns in the city, one of which collected around 500 food items for Exeter Foodbank. I am now an Exeter Pound Ambassador, promoting the local currency both on campus and in the city. As a speaker for Christian Aid, I speak to members of the faith community about fossil fuel divestment and tax justice.

I stood as one of the target candidates in the May 2016 Exeter City Council elections in the ward of St James and Duryard, achieving 303 votes from a very positive campaign.

St David’s & Haven Banks


Continued cuts to local authority funds is leading to rising inequality, and further threats to our public services, green spaces and local facilities. Devon County Council has an important role to play with vital services for the city – public health, social care, education, waste and transport among other responsibilites.  Green Councillors will protect those reliant on vital Council services from cuts that DCC are planning.  

Diana is an experienced business advisor and facilitator with some 20 years’ experience in the charitable, community and social enterprise sectors. She originally trained and worked as a building surveyor before moving to run a volunteer bureau, and later became a chief executive of a Council for Voluntary Service. She moved to Exeter in 2002, where she lives with her husband and two daughters.

Over the past 15 years she has worked across the South West with communities and councils and other bodies to help them develop and implement community-led solutions to the challenges facing communities, bring run down buildings back into community use and improve local services and the local environment.

Diana is active in the community and helped establish Exeter Community Forum in 2015, which she now Chairs. The Forum brings community organisations and Exeter City Council together to support community action and oversee the allocation of some £3.5m community infrastracture levy funds.

St Sidwells & St James


I’ve lived in the Newtown ward for over a decade and lived in Exeter for half my life. I first stood for Exeter Green Party as a candidate in the 2009 Devon County Council elections in the Duryard & Pennsylvania division. I have been the EGP candidate for the ECC Newtown ward every year since then (apart from 2011 when Newtown wasn’t up so I stood in Topsham), and I stood in the DCC election in 2013 for the Newtown & Polsloe division. In the 2014 ECC elections I came second with over 7% of the vote); in the 2016 ECC elections, in the new larger ward of Newtown & St Leonard’s, I still received over 6% of the vote. I became the membership officer for EGP a few years ago as well as the Trade Union Liaison Officer and as a delegate from my trade union Unite I have raised the Green voice at the Exeter Trades Council.

I have been the Chair of Exeter Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament for nearly 16 years and have represented the Exeter area of the South West region on the National Council of CND for around the  same period of time. I am a member of Greenpeace, Amnesty International, Liberty, CND, the PPU, Friends of the Earth, 38 Degrees, the Electoral Reform Society, LACS and the Vegan Society.

I am a trade union organiser, having worked for UNISON for the past 9 years. I have detailed knowledge of equalities legislation, employment law, Local Government, NHS and public sector issues.

I am proud to be an eco-socialist. I want to represent Exeter on DCC to continue to raise our profile within the South West and the UK and to change politics in Exeter & Devon for the better and for the common good.

Wearside & Topsham


I joined the Green Party because of my concern over human caused Climate disruption and agree with the view that it is the challenge of our time - a striking real world metaphor warning us to take heed. We can only really address this - and all other problems facing us - on a personal level by seeking ways to be part of the solution.

The Green party advocates radical and inclusive alternative political  behaviours. On all levels - local, regional, national and international - we each need to be a beacon to show people how we have to change the way we live with our planet, by arguing and campaigning for policies and political choices that are contrary to the accepted broken consumer economic model.

In these DCC 2017 elections it is important that Exeter Green Party candidates are present to offer a positive, inclusive and imaginative alternative voice to that of the mainstream parties and to give the lie to the mendacious argument that Devolution will herald greater democracy. It is important that the urban issues of Exeter, for example transport and planning, are properly recognised as significantly different to rural concerns by DCC. Green Party councillors would work with other parties and other organisations to do so, prioritising the real sustainable needs of actual people and communities -  both in the present day and future.

On Brexit I voted Remain because I believe it is time to take courage - to overcome the centuries old historical distrust amongst European nations and to all work together, however difficult, to evolve Europe into something better. 

‘Courage is the power of the mind to overcome fear’, Martin Luther King Jnr.

Wonford & St Loyes


Lynn lives in Wonford and St Loyes Ward. She has been active in a wide range of community and campaign groups for many years.  Locally, Lynn co-founded and runs Ludwell Life, a group working to protect and enhance Ludwell Valley Park, and believes that Wonford playing fields and Ludwell Valley Park are important to quality of life in the ward.  A regular cyclist herself, she is passionate about the need to make Exeter a much easier place to get around by public transport, walking and cycling, and the need to reduce air pollution which affects parts of Wonford and Priory wards badly. She is also keen to see more locally produced, fresh food available at affordable prices to local people, and was part of Exeter Green Party’s successful campaign to persuade Exeter City Council to move to a food waste collection. 

The growth of housing in and on the edges of the ward has and will impact further on Wonford and St Loyes, and residents need a strong champion to ensure that those impacts are kept to a minimum. 

Lynn has run her own training business for many years and would also work for more support for small local businesses.

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