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Exeter’s Future is Green

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Exeter turning green…

is all thanks to volunteer hard work and community support!

July Heavitree GT 2c

Party of five…

In three years, Exeter Green Party has gone from one to FIVE Green Councillors! We’re looking to bring Green positivity across the City!


Here comes the but…

Grass roots campaigns are not cheap – the more we raise, the more we can do

Door knocking Heavitree 2. Jan 2022a

Be the difference…

Could your donation today make the difference tomorrow?


Adopt a round

£2.50 per month

Help us to deliver the Green News to a neighbourhood in Exeter and in return for your regular donation, you’ll receive: A warm, fuzzy glow!
An awesome badge
Thank you card from the Councillors and Key Campaigners Select Reward

Adopt a Delivery Volunteer

£7.50 per month

Our volunteers deliver the Green News across large areas. Your regular will provide them with those newsletters! You’ll receive: A beam of joy!
A volunteer adoption certificate
PLUS all of the above Select Reward

Adopt a Newsletter

£150 single donation

Your donation means a whole area of Exeter, as big as Newtown & St Leonard’s, will receive the Green News! You’ll receive: A fabulous feeling!
Your newsletter, signed & framed
PLUS all of the above Select Reward

Adopt a ward

£2000 single donation

Green Councillors take a LOT of people power and a LOT of pennies! Your generous one-off donation will put the OOMPH behind our people power in a whole Council Ward for a year. Perhaps our next Green Councillor could be thanks to you! In return you’ll: Be on cloud nine!
Receive a super duper mystery reward
PLUS all of the above Select Reward

Or choose your own regular or one-off donation amount

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*All money raised will go towards Exeter Green Party election campaigning and will be allocated according to agreed priorities. Donations over £500 require permissibility checks in accordance with PPERA regulations.

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