Let's Get Green!

Exeter Green Party

Protecting Our City

Our Policies For Exeter

An open, fair & inclusive city

We want to give communities a better say in how we plan the future development of Exeter - a new local plan that protects nature, boosts biodiversity and creates low carbon communities.

Green Jobs

Greens will focus on creating local jobs which contribute to the recovery from COVID and help the city meet its climate goals.

Green and Good Housing

Prioritising zero carbon housing with low running costs and affordable rent with support for community led, cooperative and self-build schemes for low cost housing.

Active Travel

Ensure walking, cycling and public transport are safe, convenient and affordable. We support Low Traffic Neighbourhoods and want to make Exeter a ‘20mph city’.

Boost Recycling

Exeter has a dismal 26% recycling rate, the lowest in Devon. We'll continue to push for food and glass recycling collections in Exeter.

Tackling Climate Change

Genuine action and commitment to ensure Exeter meets its pledge to be carbon neutral by 2030.