Call for action on crossings

Dangerous crossings around the Paris St roundabout  – call for action

What’s the problem?

Many people using St Sidwell’s leisure centre, the bus station, Vue Cinema, and the Job Centre are pedestrians and cyclists, including families and unaccompanied older children. The shortest route crossings around the Paris St roundabout are ‘uncontrolled’- that is, crossings with no lights or zebra crossing which oblige traffic to stop. People find using these crossings dangerous – and using the light-controlled crossings means a longer walking route for most people. Many people will not let even older children walk or cycle to the leisure centre because of the crossings.

What’s happening about this problem?

Green Councillors Andy Ketchin (Newtown & St Leonards ward) and Carol Bennett (Heavitree ward) have campaigned for action on these dangerous crossings since January 2023. They want Devon and Exeter Councils to work together to come up with solutions that will make accessing these key sites both easy and safe for people of all ages. Until late 2023, both Councils said that there was no problem with the crossings.

A first step towards action!

Following months of pressure from Green Councillors, including sharing the stories people have sent us about using these crossings, a Labour County Councillor changed her mind and has asked Devon County Council to produce a report about the Paris St roundabout crossings. This is a great first step as it recognises that there is a problem.  Councillors Andy Ketchin and Carol Bennett will continue their campaign to make these crossings safer.  Adding your voice will really persuade the City and County Councils to take action.

Add your voice to the campaign for change

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What people say about the crossings

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These serious barriers to walking and cycling to key city services are directly against the stated aims of Exeter City Council and Devon County Council to promote ‘active travel’, reduce car use and reduce air pollution.

What would be better?

When the pool and bus station development were going through the planning process, Exeter Green Party and Exeter Civic Society pointed out the inadequacy of the provisions for people arriving by bike or on foot. Since then, the City and County Councils have declared a climate emergency, and agreed to push ‘active travel’ –  supporting people in switching short journeys away from the car and over to walking, cycling and public transport.

Exeter Green Party believes that the City and County Councils should now take action together, to make the roundabout and streets around it truly fit for a modern city – a city that takes action on air pollution, climate emergency, supporting safe and easy cycling and walking seriously.

Here’s what people are saying about their experiences.

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