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Exeter Green Party is Exeter's third biggest political party, and at the last election in 2019, we got our highest ever vote share. More and more, people across Exeter are realising that we are the real opposition in our city.

Exeter City Council is heavily dominated by Labour. Devon County Council is dominated by the Conservatives. Because these parties have so much control, they don't need to listen to everyone's viewpoints. What's more, Labour and Conservative councillors vote as their party tells them to. The Green Party doesn't operate a 'whipping system' so Green councillors provide independent voices, free to think and speak out for residents and the needs of the local area. 

Greens are the real opposition in Exeter, calling Labour to account and uncovering the truth where it’s hidden. The Tories have failed to hold Labour to account. Indeed, they have backed most of their decisions, especially over budget cuts to essential services. Our councillors in Exeter and Devon - and across the UK - have shown we can work effectively with councillors from other parties to highlight important issues and stand up for residents. 

On Thursday 6th May you can show the two largest parties that they can't just take your vote - and their power - for granted.

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Exeter Green Party's priorities for Exeter


See our #MakeNormalBetter priorities for Exeter for the 2021 elections.