Why Green?

Following council elections in 2022, Exeter Green Party has five councillors on the City Council. We are constantly challenging our council to improve its social, economic and environmental impacts.

We're working progressively on local issues; to improve the lives of all people in Exeter, and to improve our local environment. As part of the Green Party of England & Wales, we share a deep concern for social and environmental justice, expressed through our national policies. We believe fair is worth fighting for.

We rely on people power rather than corporate finance in all that we do.  Get involved with us today so that we can achieve so much more for Exeter.

Our Green Councillors' Priorities

As Green Councillors, we work hard in our wards all year round, listening to residents and tackling local issues

We will push for local action to tackle the cost of living crisis and address the root causes of growing inequality. We will place the climate and ecological emergency at the heart of all decisions.

Exeter's Five Green Councillors - Amy Sparling, Diana Moore, Tess Read, Catheine Rees, Carol Bennett. They are smiling and waving.

We’ll bring positive solutions to the Council and focus on

  • Continuing to work to improve Council services such as Council Housing repairs, planning enforcement and real action on climate change.  
  • Improving Council services to meet needs and ensure better scrutiny of plans, projects and spending decisions.
  • Working with communities to fight for more truly affordable homes.
  • Creating ways for all homes in Exeter to be warm and affordable to heat and investing in the building skills and the jobs to enable this.
  • Protecting and increasing trees, green and open spaces, and improving plant diversity.
  • Giving communities a better say in how we plan the future development of Exeter - a new local plan that protects nature, and creates low carbon and healthy communities.

We’ll challenge Labour on its

  • Planned £7.65m cuts to essential Council services over the next 3 years.
  • Plans to profit from a residential property company to let homes at market rates.
  • Broken promises for doorstep collections of food waste and glass for recycling.
  • Lack of action on tackling air pollution and making it safer to walk and cycle.

Green councillors are committed to working together and cooperating with other parties on areas of common ground and building on the success of the Progressive Group of councillors.

To find out more about our elected councillors click here