Priory ward is located on the South Eastern side of the city centre.

our City Council candidates in may 2022 were

David Barker-Hahlo_edited

David Barker-Hahlo

David went to school in Exeter and has lived and worked in the city ever since. He believes that Priory ward’s green spaces make it particularly special and is proud that Exeter Green Party helped persuade the City Council to change its plans to develop the old Northbrook Golf Course.

With rising fuel bills and a climate emergency, David is also passionate about finding ways to insulate more homes in the ward.


Michael Kerr

Michael lives in Priory ward. He believes that the climate emergency is going to define the 21st century,  and would like to see much more done on green issues in Exeter.

If elected to represent Priory ward he would provide a strong Green voice on Exeter City Council, pushing for more consideration of climate change in decision making.