Exeter voters help secure historic win for Greens

Almost 15% of Exeter voters in the European elections voted for the Green Party, helping to secure a historic win for the Party last week. Molly Scott Cato, the leading Green candidate, became the first ever Green Party MEP for the South West.

Exeter Green Party members joined the announcement in Poole of the election of Molly Scott Cato (centre) to the European Parliament The Green Party received 5244 votes; a jump of over 1000 votes compared to the 2009 European election result and almost double the number of votes received by the LibDems.

The Party also fared well in the City Council elections, securing almost 20% of the vote in both St David’s and Duryard wards and coming second to Labour in Newtown ward [1].

Isaac Price Sosner, election agent for Exeter Green Party, said:

“These results show we are now a major political force in Exeter. We beat the Lib Dems decisively in the European elections and beat them in 10 wards in the City Council elections too. Molly Scott Cato is a renowned green economist and will make an excellent MEP for the South West. I am delighted that so many people in Exeter voted Green and helped make history.”

The Green Party took the sixth of six seats in the South West with 11.2% of the vote. Molly Scott Cato is the first Green Party MEP to represent the region and takes the total number of Green MEPs from the UK to three; the other two being Jean Lambert in London and Keith Taylor in the South East.

[1] Exeter City Council election results 2014


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