Exeter Greens chose Diana Moore as parliamentary candidate

Diana Moore - Green Party CandidateGreen Party members in Exeter have selected Diana Moore as their parliamentary candidate for the 2015 general election.

Ms Moore is a business advisor with extensive experience working with social enterprises, charities and councils across the South West and is a director on the boards of two local cooperatives and a social enterprise. She has also actively supported community involvement in issues around housing in Exeter, including the large proposed developments in Alphington and the South West of Exeter.

Ms Moore said: “The Green Party has distinctive policies that put people and the environment before greed and profit. I shall be challenging the politics of austerity and its effects on old and young alike. We need a living wage, a wealth tax and genuinely affordable housing. We need measures to support small local businesses and social enterprises to help them thrive and compete fairly with clone town corporations. These are all issues where Labour, Tories and Lib Dems have a track record of failure and there is nothing to suggest they have anything innovative to offer.”

Members and supporters enthusiastically endorsed Diana’s selection when they met her at a special meeting last week to discuss the challenges facing Exeter. Members shared their priorities with Diana, which included tackling inequality in Exeter, electoral reform, taking back our railways into public ownership and promoting community owned energy.

Diana Moore - Green Party CandidateDiana said: “Times have changed and old solutions by old parties are no longer relevant to today’s economic, social and environmental challenges. Our distinctive and thought through policies, democratically decided by members, has informed ex-Exeter University student Caroline Lucas MP in her Parliamentary work. The growing number of people joining the Party on a weekly basis [1] and the fact we are showing the highest ever rating in the polls is testament to the popularity of our policies for the common good.”


[1] Membership of the party has grown by 300 since the beginning of September and now stands at more than 18,000. Membership has doubled in the last four years.


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