Weed out the politicians making bad decisions say Exeter Greens

Exeter Green Party has slammed the Labour controlled Council for ‘distorted priorities’ by proposing an amendment to Devon County Council’s budget seeking an additional £250,000 for weed control in Exeter [1]. The move comes amid worries about how the city will look to visitors during the Rugby World Cup.

However, the Greens say the focus on weeds at a time when the Conservative led County Council is about to embark on extensive cuts to bus services, as well as deep cuts to other public services, is misguided. Diana Moore, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Exeter said:

“With the savage cuts proposed to bus services across Devon, including many serving Exeter, and further cuts to many other essential services, one would hope that Labour could think of better uses for £250,000 than spraying weedkiller. This sum could pay to secure the current P, T and D bus services, all earmarked for cuts, and help towards preventing cuts to eighteen other buses serving the city. The proposals affect thousands of passengers.”

Devon County Council is seeking to make savings of £1.7m from the annual public transport budget with extensive cuts to bus services across the County [2]. Cuts are proposed to three city services: complete withdrawal of the T service; cuts to night-time services on the P route and reduction of D services during University vacations. Savings from the three routes are calculated at around £83,000. Isaac-Price Sosner, Exeter Green Party’s candidate in St James Ward, said:

“The scale of the proposed bus services cuts across Devon is truly devastating, particularly for the old, the young, job seekers and those unable to drive or who choose not to. Many of the cuts are to late afternoon and evenings. It’s great that Exeter will receive Rugby World Cup visitors and they may find a city free of weeds, but are unlikely to be able to arrive here by bus. While weeds may not block their way, you can be sure Exeter’s traffic gridlock will. Weeds will return, an axed bus service won’t. Politicians playing politics over weeds need be replanted with a new crop of Green councillors who will make decisions for the common good.”


[1] http://www.exeterexpressandecho.co.uk/Exeter-s-Labour-group-propose-changes-Devon/story-26039432-detail/story.html

[2] The public can provide feedback on Devon County Council’s cuts by 20th April, details can be found here https://new.devon.gov.uk/publictransportbudget/


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