Exeter Greens to launch new climate campaign with ‘iconic’ film

Exeter Green Party will this week launch a new climate campaign ahead of the Paris talks in December by showing the hugely well received film: ‘The Age of Stupid’. The film, to be screened at the Phoenix Art Centre in Exeter this Thursday [1], will be followed by a panel discussion which will include the film’s director, Franny Armstrong, and Rob Chadwick, Senior Climate Scientist from the Met Office. The film is set in the future and stars Oscar-nominated Pete Postlethwaite as an archivist living in the devastated future world of 2055 looking back and asking, ‘why didn’t we stop climate change when we had the chance?’

The film heralds a new Green Party campaign, ‘Climate Sense’, which aims to galvanize public support and build pressure for firm action by world leaders at the COP21 climate talks in Paris in December.  As part of the campaign Greens and other campaign groups in Exeter will be pressing local institutions and public bodies to divest from fossil fuels. Green Party activist, Diana Moore, said:

“The Age of Stupid is not a new film but its message has never been more relevant or urgent. We must build pressure ahead of the Paris talks to make sure world leaders move us away from the stupid path of a continuing reliance on fossil fuels to the sensible path of energy efficiency and renewable energy. It clearly makes environmental sense to move away from fossil fuels, but it also makes economic and social sense. A fossil free future can create thousands of new jobs in a green economy while making the world more just, equal and healthy.”


[1] http://www.exeterphoenix.org.uk/events/the-age-of-stupid Tickets are £5 (plus small booking fee 50p Included) and are available from the Exeter Phoenix Box office. Credit/debit card purchases attract a £1.50 charge. Cash purchases, including the use of Exeter Pounds, do not.


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