COP21: Greens calls for greater ambition for tackling Climate Change in Exeter

As world leaders negotiate a climate deal in Paris, Exeter Green Party have called on Exeter City Council to raise their ambition and aim to become a zero carbon city by 2050. In a statement released in conjunction with the COP21 climate summit, Exeter Greens describe the pledge by the council to run entirely on green energy by 2050 [1] as ‘greenwash’, given that the European Parliament is calling for a complete global phase out of fossil fuels by this date. [2]. Chair of Exeter Green Party, Mark Shorto, said:

“The 100% green energy pledge by Exeter City Council looks good at face value, but risks being little more than greenwash. We’re delighted Exeter City Council’s followed our advice to install solar PV on car parks and buildings but we need more than just our council buildings and services powered by 100% green energy by 2050. Exeter needs to be a zero carbon city by then, in line with the European ambition to phase out fossil fuels entirely.”

The Green Party are challenging the Council to divest their pensions from fossil fuel companies into ethical investments. They also say the ‘dash for development’ is threatening Exeter’s sustainability. Mark Shorto added:

“The dash for development across our city is threatening open spaces, trees and wildlife. The City’s slow march towards gridlock seems to have been accepted as inevitable given there are no targets or policies in place to reduce traffic, and levels of investment in walking, cycling and public transport are pitiful.”

Green Party campaigner Diana Moore, an advisor for social enterprises, said:

“The current reliance on significant inward investment, consumer-led economic growth and development is placing great strains on the city. As Greens we want to cultivate a resilient localised economy, local food supply and invest in energy reduction through insulation schemes for those most in need. This will all support local jobs, reduce levels of fuel poverty and help address the city’s rising inequality.”


[1] Exeter City Council news release:

The European Parliament has pledged to phase out fossil fuels by 2050 as part of its negotiating position in the COP21 negotiations

[2] cities around the world are pledging to cut their carbon emissions

[3] see the full list of European Green parties’ demands for COP21


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