Caroline Lucas, Green Co-Leader to speak at Youth Convention

Green MP, and co-leader of the Green Party, Caroline Lucas, is visiting Exeter this Saturday to talk to the growing Young Green movement. The Young Greens are holding their annual convention in Exeter at the university. Caroline Lucas MP is a former under-graduate and PhD student of Exeter university, so will be returning to a city she knows well.  Joe Levy, convenor of Young Greens in Exeter, says he expects at least 100 young people to attend the event.

He said: “I am thrilled that young people will have the opportunity to hear from the Green Party’s Co-Leader, Caroline Lucas. She is a principled, brave and inspiring politician. Caroline is a highly respected by the wider Green movement and has been at the forefront of standing up for equality, renationalisation of our railways, opposing trident and nuclear power and for her work on the NHS Reinstatement Bill – to stop more privatization from breaking up our NHS.”

 The event, taking place over the weekend, will include a series of training sessions and panel discussions focused on the theme of tackling inequality, Kay Powell, Co-Convenor of South West Young Greens, said, “Young People have been particularly affected by the Tories’ austerity measures. The Tories’ BREXIT plans are deeply worrying as they have the potential to lead to an unravelling of the rights and freedoms that many young people have enjoyed. The Convention will provide a space for us to plan a fairer and greener future.”

As an organisation Young Greens have focused on campaigning to encourage young people to join a trade union and protect their rights at work and to reduce the pay ratio between the highest and lowest paid in the Higher education sector.


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