Green Party Deputy Leader backs city’s opposition to Trump ‘racism’

Exeter Greens will reiterate a ‘refugees are welcome’ message when GreenParty Deputy leader, Amelia Womack [1], visits Exeter this Friday. Ms Womackhas long championed refugee rights and last year visited refugees in the’jungle camp’ in Calais [2]. During her visit to Exeter she will visit Cityof Sanctuary [3] to hear about how the organisation helps create a welcomeand safe environment for asylum seekers and refugees in the city. Later inthe day she will take part in a debate at the university on climate change.The visit comes at the end of a week of angry reactions to Donald Trump’sban on refugees to the US and Prime Minister Theresa May’s lukewarmcondemnation of it.  A national petition launched at the beginning of theweek, and strongly supported by Exeter Green Party, calls on the governmentto bar Donald Trump from making an official State visit to the UK [4]. Thepetition has so far received over 4300 signatures in Exeter, more than anyother part of the South West outside Bristol and Bath; nationally thepetition is on its way to two million signatures. There was also ademonstration of some 700 people in Bedford Square against Donald Trump’s’Muslim ban’ [5]; one of many demonstrations across the country and acrossthe world. Commenting on the visit by Amelia Womack to Exeter, Diana Moore,Green Party candidate for St David’s and Haven Banks, said:”Amelia Womack has devoted much time and energy into highlighting the plightof refugees and asylum seekers and challenging the policies that seek toblock them receiving the support they are legally entitled too.”This week’s huge protest has again shown that Exeter is a warm andcompassionate city and refuses to tolerate Trump’s bigotry. Thousands havesigned a petition calling for this most racist and divisive of Presidents tobe barred from an official State visit to the UK”.Amelia Womack, deputy leader of the Green Party, said:”Over the last few weeks we’ve seen hundreds of thousands of people take toour streets in the UK to stand against bigotry, racism and misogyny. With somany people protesting in Exeter I hope to highlight how people can work intheir communities to support people here in the UK.”EndsNotes[1][2][3][4][5]


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