Green’s Challenge Council’s booming Exeter Claims

Exeter Green Party has challenged the Labour Council’s claims that Exeter, already the second fastest growing city in the country, must continue to grow. The assertion is based on a report ‘Outlook 2018’ [1] was produced by the Centre for Cities.

Green Party Councillor, Cllr Chris Musgrave said: 

“There is much to be proud of about Exeter but the Labour Council’s boasts of a booming economy conveniently glosses over how the other half live.”

“The cherry-picked figures from the report ignore the fact that Exeter has a low employment rate and low wages, Exeter recorded the largest fall in wages of £35 per week, of any of the cities in the report in 2015-2016.”

“With the average house price 11 times the average salary owning a home is unaffordable for many.”

“As, for carbon emissions, we are puzzled why Labour are claiming a reduction – as the figures on the Exeter Data Mill, backed by Exeter City Council, show Greenhouse Gas Emissions in 2015/16 rose by 1.34% on 2014/15.” Green Party Candidate for St David’s, Diana Moore, said:

“The City’s ‘booming’ economy relies on continued expansion – which is now planned to go well beyond the city’s boundaries to sustain it. Exeter’s economy is based on a conventional ‘make, use and dispose’ model needing on increasing external and unstable corporate investment.”

“Working with the City’s innovative businesses and partnerships, Exeter could be a leading example of a green circular economy, so that design, maintenance, repair, reuse, remanufacturing, refurbishing, and recycling become the norm and bring positive society-wide and environmental benefits. Such a system encourages small businesses to flourish and creates a greater number of higher quality jobs.”Notes1.



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