Free car parking ‘grossly irresponsible’ say Greens

Exeter Greens have described a decision by the Labour-run council to introduce free parking in Exeter city centre on Thursday evenings [1] as ‘grossly irresponsible.’ Green Party councillor, Diana Moore, says offering free parking at a time when the council faces severe cuts to funding for vital public services, and when the council has pledged to tackle the climate emergency and the city’s dangerous levels of air pollution makes no sense.

Cllr Diana Moore, who is Green Party councillor in St David’s ward, said:

“Hot on the heels of Exeter Labour saying it wants to declare a climate emergency and make the city carbon neutral by 2030, comes an announcement that it is to make parking in the city centre free on Thursday evenings.

“This freebie to people driving into the city is grossly irresponsible, particularly in light of the fact that the Council recently explained the difficult and important decision to raise car parking charges. Labour rightly bemoan the Tories austerity cuts but then cut this valuable income stream for funding vital services. 

“This decision also further undermines the role of park and ride which the council has championed as a solution to the city’s chronic congestion.

“I shall be pressing for information on how much revenue will be lost from this move as well as information on any impacts it has on levels of congestion, air pollution and carbon emissions.”



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