Greens say planned park and ride is anti-climate, dinosaur policy

Dinosaur Park and Ride Policy

Greens have called out Devon County Council for ignoring their own Climate Emergency policy by seeking to build a new park and ride on the edge of Exeter. Park and ride on the city’s edge is a ‘business as usual’ response. It actively encourages private car use and longer car journeys. 

Approving this new park and ride site is directly in opposition to the County’s declared aim to make Devon zero carbon by 2050 – especially as transport accounts for over one third of the county’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Park and Ride is a dinosaur policy from the 1980’s only taking a proportion of new traffic from new developments in Devon off the road and not tackling congestion or the city’s serious air pollution” said Green Party City Councillor Diana Moore.

The County Council has to adopt new policies that provide real and affordable alternatives to driving. For example, setting up a transport hub that helps people get to stations and frequent links with bus stops within the towns that are generating commuter traffic, and subsidising new bus routes to get them established so that they can become financially viable“.


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