Voter registration deadline

Five minutes to register to vote for a government for five years

Exeter Greens have called on all Exeter citizens who have not registered to vote to apply immediately as there are only a few days left before the 26th November deadline. There are thought to be more than 9 million people missing from the electoral roll across the UK, with young people, ethnic minorities and poor people most likely to miss out on the chance to have their say. Figures from the Electoral Commission reveal that one in three eligible teenagers is not registered to vote.

Joe Levy, the Green Party parliamentary candidate for Exeter who is also the Unite to Remain candidate, said:

“It is young people who will be most affected by a damaging crash-out Tory Brexit. They will also bear the brunt of climate change. Brexit and the climate emergency are the two key issues in this general election.

“It is essential that young people register to vote so they can help shape their future rather than leaving it just to older generations, who are far more likely to be registered and to vote.

“There are just a few days left to register. It takes just five minutes to register to vote for a government that will determine our destiny for the next five years. I urge all Exeter residents to make sure they are registered before the 26th November deadline.”

People can register quickly and simply online through the government website:


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