Greens and Lib Dems agree electoral arrangement for City Council elections in May

As door-to-door political campaigning resumes, the Green Party and Liberal Democrats in Exeter have decided to build on their ‘Progressive Group’ arrangement which was agreed after the City Council elections in 2019. Two Liberal Democrat councillors, together with a Green Party and Independent councillor make up the group on the Council [1].

The 2021 City Council elections will see Lib Dems and Greens stand uncontested by each other in six wards across the city [2]. 

Leader of the Progressive Group, Liberal Democrat councillor Kevin Mitchell, said:

“The Progressive Group has demonstrated it is the real opposition to the dominant Labour group on the Council. While Conservative councillors have sat on their hands and nodded through many of Labour’s pet projects, it is Green, Lib Dem and Independent councillors, working cooperatively together, who have brought effective challenge and scrutiny to the Labour-led administration. We have proposed a series of positive motions including regulating Co-living housing developments, business rates on purpose-built student blocks and electoral reform. As a group we also secured a U-turn on saving the green space at Clifton Hill and a review of developer levies.” 

Diana Moore, Green Party councillor, said:

“The Progressive Group has proven that councillors from different parties and independents can work cooperatively together. We have worked hard to scrutinise the ruling Labour group and hold them to account. “It is in the interests of the city, Exeter residents and the environment that we increase the number of Progressive Group councillors on Exeter City Council to provide a strong voice for local residents.”

Jemima Moore, the Independent councillor from the Progressive Group, concluded:

“A recent report from the Electoral Reform Society highlighted how one-party dominated councils are a cause for concern, especially with regard to value for money and responding to residents needs. So a more diverse council and better scrutiny is good for local democracy and good for local tax payers.”



[1] The Progressive Group was formed after the 2019 Exeter City Council elections and is currently made up of Cllr Kevin Mitchell (Duryard and St James, Liberal Democrat), Cllr Michael Mitchell (Duryard and St James, Liberal Democrat), Cllr Diana Moore (St David’s, Green Party) and Cllr Jemima Moore (Newtown and St Leonard’s, Independent)

[2] The Green Party will field candidates uncontested by a Liberal Democrat candidate in St David’s, Heavitree and Newtown and St Leonards wards. The Liberal Democrats will field candidates uncontested by the Green Party in Duryard and St James, Pennsylvania and St Thomas wards.

The Green Party and Liberal Democrats will both field candidates in all divisions in the Devon County Council elections so all voters will have the opportunity to vote for the Liberal Democrats or Green Party on May 6th.


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