Exeter ranked greenest urban centre in UK: now we need to protect all Exeter’s green spaces, say Greens

Responding to a new study by the University of Sheffield which names Exeter as the greenest urban centre in the UK [1], Cllr Tess Read, a Green Party councillor in the St David’s ward which is in the heart of the city, said:

“We welcome the fact that Exeter has been named as the greenest urban centre in the UK. However, as the study itself says, this conclusion is reached by assessing just the heart of city centres, and does not take account of the wider city area.

“Few will have failed to notice that Exeter’s green spaces beyond the city centre are not just being nibbled away at, they are being swallowed whole. Large scale developments within and beyond the city boundary are rapidly destroying our precious green spaces.

“And while Exeter is extremely fortunate to have its parks, there is a constant assault on our street trees which are frequently being cut down and not replaced.

“As Greens we want a city where wildlife and biodiversity thrive and people have access to green spaces within a short walk from their home, both in the small urban centre and throughout the entire city. Mount Radford Lawn in St Leonard’s, for example, provides a good test as to whether the Labour-led Council are willing to act to protect green spaces in the city.”


[1] Researchers analysed 68 city centres across England, Scotland and Wales ranking them on tree cover, vegetation and parks in the heart of the city centres. See full report


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