Exeter Greens celebrate local election success as they increase number of councillors to six

Exeter Green Party are celebrating a successful set of results in Thursday’s local elections. The Party now has six seats on Exeter City Council, following the election of Dr Andy Ketchin in Newtown and St Leonard’s, and the re-election of Diana Moore in St David’s and Carol Bennett in Heavitree. The Green Party is now the second largest Party on the Council after Labour.

Andy Ketchin, the first ever Green councillor elected in Newtown and St Leonard’s, said:

“I’d like to thank every voter and campaigner who helped me to make this breakthrough in Newtown and St Leonards. Traditionally, this has been a Labour stronghold, but in recent years people have become increasingly disillusioned with Labour’s failed policies on housing, protection of green spaces and waste and recycling, to name but a few.

“I am delighted to be joining our five other Green councillors on Exeter City Council. Together we will work tirelessly for a fairer, greener community for everyone.”

Diana Moore, who has been re-elected in St David’s with a large majority and has been co-leader of the opposition Progressive Group on the Council, said:

“We’re delighted with tonight’s results. We are now the second largest Party on the Council. People in Exeter are increasingly putting their trust in the Green Party. They see we bring balance and scrutiny to the Labour-dominated Council and that we do politics differently. We are willing to work cooperatively with others when this is in the interests of the local people we are elected to represent and the environment.”

Carol Bennett who was re-elected with an increased majority in Heavitree, added:

“After our breakthrough in Heavitree last year, when two Green councillors were elected in the ward, it’s clear people like what they see. I am hugely grateful to all those who chose to vote for me and re-elect me to the Council. Together with my colleague Catherine Rees, we will continue to ensure everyone’s voice is heard and will work hard to represent the community in Heavitree.”


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