Council urged to hold its nerve on delivering Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

As the government orders a review into Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTN) schemes, Exeter Green Party councillors are urging Devon County Council to ‘hold its nerve’ and continue to deliver trials of LTNs ‘with confidence’. 

Heavitree councillor Catherine Rees said:

“In their desperation for votes, the Conservative government is fueling culture wars by ordering a review of Low Traffic Neighbourhood schemes. Such a review has already taken place. A study by Imperial College London published in November last year found that LTNs successfully reduced traffic and air pollution without displacing it to nearby streets. In fact, the study found that not only did traffic fall by more than half within the LTNs studied, but also by 13 per cent at their boundaries.

“The government should stop playing politics with people’s lives in this way. Decisions on where and how to implement LTNs should be made at local council level and in consultation with all communities affected, without government interference. 

“The Green Party urges Devon County Council to hold its nerve and continue to implement trial schemes of LTNs in Heavitree and elsewhere in Exeter.”

Carol Bennett, also a Green councillor in Heavitree, added: 

“Local Councils should continue to deliver improvements to our streets to make them safer for all with confidence. LTNs encourage people to get around their local area without relying on a car – which in itself has great health benefits – and offer opportunities to redesign streets for people rather than traffic. All while helping to reduce air pollution and carbon emissions. Experience also suggests that once established they become very popular.”

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