Exeter Green Party parliamentary candidate pledges to push next government to create a fairer, greener and healthier city

The Green Party has announced that Andrew Bell has been chosen by local members to fight the Exeter parliamentary seat at the next general election.

Andrew Bell has lived in Exeter for over 20 years; his children were born in the city and attended local schools. He is a former teacher and previously worked as communications officer to former Green MEP for the South West, Molly Scott Cato.

As someone who has been actively involved in the local community in many different ways, from being a youth group leader to helping those in need during the Covid pandemic, Andrew said:

“One of the things that makes this city so special is the many individuals and groups that are already working, volunteering or campaigning to make Exeter fairer and greener – from organisations helping people who find themselves homeless or in need of emergency food to those providing advice on insulating homes. These groups are helping to tackle the growing inequality in Exeter, a situation made much worse by thirteen years of harsh Conservative austerity.

“Exeter is a wonderful place to live. I would be proud to represent our city in Parliament. Over the years, I have stood in several local elections, knocked on numerous doors and talked to hundreds of Exeter residents. It is clear Exeter has its challenges and we need a government that actually listens and responds to local needs.

“A government willing to take bold action to address both the cost of living crisis and the climate emergency. The city has built a reputation for its research on the impacts of and solutions to the climate crisis with work being done at the Met Office and university. What’s absent is the political will for climate action.

“We need decent and well insulated homes to bring down bills and create good local jobs; frequent, reliable and cheap public transport, and safer streets for active travel, to cut emissions and air pollution; and water companies under public ownership to force the industry to refocus efforts on cleaning up our valuable waterways like the River Exe for the benefit of both people and nature.

“Exeter has the expertise, the skills and the enthusiasm to make the city a better place to live. We need to ensure this is heard by the next government. As Green MP for Exeter I will work hard to push for the policies that will help make Exeter a fairer, greener and healthier city.”


Contact: Andrew Bell, Green Party parliamentary candidate for Exeter andrew.bell@exeter.greenparty.org.uk 07410 441182

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