Green manifesto pledges to ‘invest to mend broken Britain’

The Green Party has today promised real change in a manifesto designed to “invest to mend broken Britain.”  The Green Party say they are the only party being honest with voters by setting out how public services can be protected through a fairer, greener tax system. 

Andrew Bell, Green Party Candidate with Green Party Co-Leader Carla Denyer
Andrew Bell, Green Party Candidate with Green Party Co-Leader Carla Denyer

The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has warned the next government will need to either cut public spending or increase taxes

Andrew Bell, Green Party Candidate in Exeter, said:

“Labour and the Conservatives aren’t being up front. They know that their self-imposed fiscal rules will mean further cuts in public spending. Greens are being honest. If we want better public services we need a fairer tax system to pay for them. We’re not afraid to say that those with the broadest shoulders – especially the super rich – will have to pay a bit more.” 

The Green Party proposals include raising tens of billions of pounds by asking super-rich multimillionaires and billionaires to pay a wealth tax, equalising the treatment of income from work and wealth, and ensuring top earners pay National Insurance on their higher incomes. The money raised from the fairer tax system and borrowing to invest will be used for vital transformation in health, housing, transport and the green economy. 

Andrew Bell added:  

“This election must be about real change. It must address how we fix our broken public services. 

“People here in Exeter need to be confident they can access a GP appointment and NHS dentist; find and maintain a home that is warm and secure and rely on buses and trains that actually turn up.”    

“Young people, in particular, know just how broken Britain’s frontline services are. The economy is not working for them. They have been priced out of Exeter’s housing market and are struggling to fund their education.”  

The Tories are toast, leaving crumbs for local services, but Labour’s proposals are half baked. With more Green MPs in Parliament, we will work hard to stop a Labour government backtracking on any more of their promises. We will push them to be braver, to be more ambitious, and to actually do what’s necessary to fix our broken country and secure a fairer greener future.” 


Green Party manifesto:


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