Greens target St James ward in final few days of campaign

Isaac Price-Sosner, City Council candidate in St James'Pundits are forecasting the best ever result for the Green Party in Exeter in the General Election, with the Party hotly tipped to take its first council seat in St James ward. Greens are to make a final big push in St James over the last few days before the election, with local candidate, Isaac Price-Sosner, urging voters in the ward to ‘make history’ on 7th May. Mr Price-Sosner said:

This is the chance so many of us have been working so hard towards for months, indeed years. We know from our extensive door-knocking that St James is a three horse race, and that residents in the ward could help us make history by voting in the city’s first Green councillor.”

Greens say they have more members in St James ward now than half their entire membership a year ago and, at 380 city-wide, more members than Bristol had a year ago, when there were already six Green councillors on Bristol City Council.

Greens are continuing their door knocking and leafletting up to the final hours before polling stations open. They will be reminding people that there are two elections in the city, and a vote for a particular Party in the General election doesn’t mean people must vote the same way locally.

Isaac Price-Sosner concluded:

We expect to do really well in the General Election; our outstanding candidate Diana Moore has inspired many with her positive vision for an alternative society and economy working within the limits of the one planet we have. But it is locally where we stand the best chance of winning a seat. The number of posters we have seen around St James ward and the strong support we are getting on the doorstep show we can win here. However, we do need people to vote discerningly at a local level which may be different to the way they will vote on national issues in the General election. A Green councillor will be able to hold the Labour run City Council to account and will be good for democracy in Exeter”.


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