Greens slam Labour over blocking appointment to important Council Committee

Speaking after Tuesday’s meeting of Exeter City Council, Councillor Chris Musgrave reacted to the Council’s allocation of places to its scrutiny committees for 2017-18. Exeter’s first Green Councillor requested a place on the city’s Leisure Complex Board, the committee that scrutinises the controversial bus station development.

Councillor Musgrave said:

“It is disappointing in the extreme that Labour have decided to block my appointment to this important committee.”

“Many people across the city have serious concerns about the way this development is progressing. Without genuine cross party involvement, Labour will just press on unchecked and this is bad for Exeter.”

“This is a disappointingly predictable response from the Labour administration. It’s clear Labour in Exeter just aren’t interested in other views or in submitting to scrutiny on the bus station development.”

Both the Green and Lib Dem Councillors voted against the appointments on Tuesday in a stand against Labour’s  committee appointments, which are in place until next May. 



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