Joe Levy urges voters to make confident choices on Thursday

Joe Levy urges voters to make confident choices on Thursday

In a final call-out to voters, Green Party parliamentary candidate, Joe Levy, is urging voters to make a confident choice for Exeter’s future. Mr Levy said,

“This election is unlike any we have seen before. Brexit is hugely disruptive and the Tories will leave that chaos hanging over us for years to come. Add to that the threats posed by climate change and the fact our public services are on the brink and its clear we need bold and confident decisions to make Britain a more caring country.”

“I’ve listened to many people over this campaign and it’s the future for young people that particularly worries me. The Tories have launched a war on the young who face enormous barriers in many areas of life. They have cut their housing benefit, increased their tuition fees, removed their education grants and saddled young people with huge debt.

We will scrap tuition fees, reinstate the Education Maintenance Grant and introduce rent controls. And we will make sure that Brexit does not have a disastrous impact on young people’s rights to freedom of movement; the freedom to study, work and love across Europe.”

Joe Levy went on to set out his commitments to voters,

“Voting Green in Exeter is a powerful statement that you support the kind of confident and caring Britain that we can all be proud of. If you elect me I will campaign for your right to vote on the final terms of the Brexit deal, including an option to stay in the EU. I will fight for genuinely affordable, warm homes for everyone and a public health system free for all. I will stand up for equality, and for a society where nobody is left behind. And I will always act strongly on climate change and to protect the natural world we love and cherish.”

The Green Party’s campaign has included calls for voters to back progressive candidates. In East Devon the Green Party has not stood against independent candidate Claire Wright in order to boost her chance of beating the incumbent Conservative MP. Joe Levy said,

“I urge voters in the East of Exeter to back Claire Wright who has run a brave campaign, speaking her mind, and standing up for many of the values and policies shared by the Green Party.”

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