Greens see positive future in Exeter election results

Exeter Green Party has commended their candidate Joe Levy for running a positive campaign which has highlighted the plight of young people and the climate change crisis. Joe Levy secured 1,027 votes.

Joe Levy said, “Over the past few years the Tories have created a real mess. Austerity has broken peoples’ lives, Brexit has divided the country and this election has caused further instability. Vital issues such as climate change and the future for young people have been ignored.

The national election result however, has not produced a Government with an overall control. Joe said, “I’d like to thank everyone who voted Green. This has been a highly divisive campaign and it’s clear that many people voted tactically out of fear of the prospect of another five years of the Tories. The prospect of a hung Parliament shows it is time that we introduce a fair electoral system, so that voters know their vote really counts and they can vote for what they believe in.

Joe Levy congratulated Ben Bradshaw on his re-election, saying, “the resounding Labour victory in Exeter offers a ray of hope as Corbyn’s manifesto embraces many Green party policies! I am delighted that Caroline Lucas has been returned to Parliament with an increased majority and I am sure she will seek to support Labour to uphold the politics of hope.”

Joe concluded:

 “As a young person it has been great to be able to stand for Parliament; Young peoples’ voices need to be heard more often. So many people have responded positively and are keen to hear Green views on the issues that matter to them. Democracy is not just about elections, however, and I would urge people to get involved all year round to bring about the change they want to see.”

Photo by Emily McIvor


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