Greens pledge to challenge ‘one-party state Labour Council’ and be a refreshing change for residents.

Everyone in Exeter will have a Green candidate to vote for in the City Council elections to strengthen opposition to the ‘one-party state’ Labour council. The Greens’ first priority is a better run Exeter City Council and to ensure council tax is spent more wisely. That’s the promise that the local Green Party has made to voters who will head to the ballot box on 3rd May. Greens are standing candidates in all 13 wards [1] where elections are taking place and are confident of further consolidating their position as the third political Party in Exeter, ahead of the Lib Dems.

Green Councillor for Alphington, Chris Musgrave, who is not up for election this year, said:

“I look forward to more Green councillors joining me to further strengthen opposition to the one-party state Labour-run council. It is not healthy for our democracy or good for our city for 29 councillors out of 39 to be Labour. They simply rubber-stamp their own policies rather than offering much needed scrutiny. This has led to some bad decisions and costly mistakes, wasting tax payers money. The bus station redevelopment fiasco is the clearest example of this.

“As Greens we are committed to creating a more open, inclusive and accountable Council which engages directly with communities in Exeter rather than pretending to consult them on decisions already taken.”

Exeter Green Party has produced a detailed manifesto [2] and have identified several key priorities for the city. These include a modern market in the city centre; affordable housing to rent and buy – including community-owned housing; immediate action to tackle Exeter’s poor air quality by making walking, cycling and using public transport easy and safe; and investigating the feasibility of refurbishing the current bus and coach station.

Diana Moore, a well-known community champion in Exeter, is hoping to become a Green councillor in St David’s ward. She said:

“Having spoken to hundreds of people on the doorstep over the last few months it is clear people overwhelmingly back our priorities for the city – immediate action to tackle air pollution, creating a modern market and building truly affordable housing.”

Councillor Chris Musgrave has demonstrated the impact just one green councillor can have – managing for example to secure cross-party support for a motion on the ban of single use plastics in all council buildings and council run events, which will be discussed at the Council this  week. Just imagine what two or more Green councillors could achieve.”


[1] Details of Exeter Green Party Candidates:

[2] Exeter Green Party manifesto in full: 


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