Deputy Green Leader in Exeter to boost Greens Campaign

Deputy Green Party leader, Amelia Womack, will be in Exeter tomorrow to boost her Party’s parliamentary election campaign. Amelia will join Joe Levy and members and volunteers from around the region who will converge on Exeter this Saturday to leaflet and canvass in the city. Her visit to the city comes hot on the heels of what election analysts have described as a ‘surprise Green gain’ in a by-election in Oxfordshire, where Greens took a seat from the Conservatives [1].

Commenting, Green Party parliamentary candidate in Exeter, Joe Levy, said: 

“We are delighted to welcome Amelia Womack to Exeter, where we are riding the Green wave. So far this year our first elected Green city councillor, Diana Moore, was elected by a landslide in May. Then we achieved 28% of the vote in the European elections – narrowly missing out on coming first and with well over double the vote of Labour. The latest good news for the Greens is a win in Oxfordshire against the Tories.

Greens can win against both Labour and the Tories. Many moderate Conservative voters cannot stomach Boris Johnson and are in favour of remaining in the EU. Equally, many who would normally vote Labour are disillusioned with the party over their fudge on Brexit and their refusal to back Remain in a future referendum.

In Exeter there is only one candidate standing for a Remain party because as part of the Unite to Remain agreement the Liberal Democrats have stood aside for the Greens. We are picking up votes from both disillusioned Conservative and Labour voters and hope that on the 13th December, election pundits will be reporting a surprise win for the Greens in Exeter!”



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