Green Party launch Local Election Campaign

*Climate Emergency and fairness must be at the forefront of post-coronavirus recovery

The Green Party has officially launched its campaign for the local elections. In Exeter, Greens are standing ten candidates in the City Council elections and seven candidates in the County Council elections [1].

The Party has pledged that every elected Green councillor will work to ensure local councils put the Climate Emergency and fairness at the forefront of efforts to rebuild the economy following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Diana Moore, Green Party councillor for St David’s ward, said:

“Greens want to ensure that the Climate Emergency and fairness are at the forefront of efforts to rebuild the economy after the coronavirus pandemic. Green councillors will work hard for a greener and better future for everybody.

“This means affordable low carbon homes to rent. It means supporting the creation of local jobs in small businesses and social enterprises while helping the city meet its climate goals. And it means ensuring low carbon, active and healthy travel options – especially walking, cycling and public transport – are safe, convenient and affordable. As a sense of normality returns to our lives, now is the time to Make Normal Better [2]”.  

Greens have been working collaboratively cross-party in both Exeter City and Devon County councils. In Exeter, on the City Council, Greens are part of the Progressive Group [3] and have an agreement with the Lib Dems to each stand candidates uncontested in six wards in the city [4].

Catherine Rees, who is standing in Heavitree, where the Liberal Democrats are standing aside, said:

“Electing more Greens will bring more scrutiny and new perspectives onto the City Council. Evidence shows that more politically diverse councils make better decisions and offer better value for money [5]. If elected, I look forward to working co-operatively with colleagues on the Progressive Group to put the people of Exeter and their environment centre stage.”


[1] See our election pages with further links to Who am I voting for

[2] See Our Priorities for Exeter

[3] The Progressive Group is currently made up of Green councillor, Diana Moore, Liberal Democrat councillors, Kevin Mitchell and Michael Mitchell, and independent councillor, Jemima Moore.

[4] The Green Party will field candidates uncontested by a Liberal Democrat candidate in St David’s, Heavitree and Newtown and St Leonards wards. The Liberal Democrats will field candidates uncontested by the Green Party in Duryard and St James, Pennsylvania and St Thomas wards.

[5] The Cost of One-Party Councils – a report by the Electoral Reform Society

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