Dangerous crossings near St Sidwell’s Pool & Bus Station – add your voice to action call

Green Councillors and campaigners have responded to feedback from residents about the dangerous road crossings near St Sidwell’s Point pool, the bus station and Vue Cinema. Green Campaigner for Newtown & St Leonard’s Andy Ketchin said : “Residents say that the crossings on Paris and Cheeke St are dangerous. The Cheeke St & Western Way crossings are right up against a busy roundabout and the Paris St crossing is a small ‘refuge’ with bollards, not wide enough to accommodate a buggy or a bike”.  

You can add your voice by replying to this quick survey. We want to gather in views from the public, to support the case for improvements.

Here’s what people are saying about their experiences.

You can find out more about why these crossings need action taken here


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