Green Party campaigner calls for safe crossings for pedestrians and cyclists to key leisure sites 

An Exeter Green Party campaigner in Newtown and St Leonard’s has called on the City and County Councils to make changes to ensure the safety of people walking and cycling to and from St Sidwell’s pool, the bus station, Vue Cinema, and the Job Centre. In particular, Andy Ketchin wants to see improved crossings in Cheeke Street, Paris Street and Western Way and has launched an online survey to gather views about the difficulties people face when walking or cycling in the area. Click here for more detail.  

Andy Ketchin said:

“Many of the people arriving in this part of the city have to negotiate a series of busy roads and dangerous junctions. Limited or non-existent crossings make getting round the Western Way roundabout unsafe and inconvenient. 

“The pool and cinema are popular with families. We need to see new and improved crossings so that children can access these leisure facilities independently and parents feel confident that their children will arrive safely. 

“Walking and cycling to key city services should be safe and easy. Exeter City Council and Devon County Council say they are committed to ‘active travel’, reducing car use and tackling air pollution. The Labour-led City Council and Tory-led County Council must now demonstrate that all the talk about active travel and zero carbon is being followed through by action.”


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