Affordable housing key priority for Greens as they launch local election campaign

Decent affordable homes in Exeter, built in the right places and to the highest environmental standards, is the key priority being made by Exeter Green Party as they launch their local election campaign. They also want communities to have a better say in shaping Exeter’s future development plans, increased investment in parks and green spaces, and a modern market in the city centre to support new and small local businesses and to promote local affordable food [1].

The Green Party currently has five councillors, two of whom will be fighting to retain their seats, but the Party is hopeful of further gains. Green candidates are standing in all Exeter wards where there are elections this year.

Together with two Liberal Democrat councillors and an independent, Green councillors have been part of the Progressive Group, which has been the official opposition on Exeter City Council for the last year.

Councillor Diana Moore, who is hoping to retain her seat in St David’s ward, said:

“Where Green Party councillors are elected, people see hard working individuals who listen to residents’ concerns and offer help and support wherever they can. We have shown that we can be a strong voice for our communities, standing up for local people and their environment. It is clear that when people elect Green councillors they like what they see and they want more.”

Amy Sparling, also a councillor in St David’s ward, said:

“At the heart of our priorities for the city is building the right homes in the right place at the right price. We understand that providing decent affordable housing that is well insulated, warm and comfortable is key to tackling the cost of living crisis and to reducing the carbon emissions responsible for climate change.”

Catherine Rees, Green councillor in Heavitree, said:

“As Greens in opposition, we aim to work collaboratively with others, including as part of the Progressive Group. We have been hugely successful in offering a robust challenge to the Labour dominated Council. The quality of debate and level of scrutiny has improved significantly since we replaced the weak Tory opposition.  Electing more Greens will ensure we can strengthen that scrutiny further at a crucial time for the city, as it faces huge change and large scale development.”

Councillor Carol Bennett, who is hoping to hold onto her Heavitree seat for the Greens, added:

“Whether it is inaction on reducing carbon emissions across the city, or the pitifully low recycling rate and slow roll out of food waste, we are challenging Labour’s poor performance. Labour’s £9.675m cuts to essential Council services is of real concern, as is their plan to profit from a property company aiming to let homes at unaffordable market rates.”


[1] Green Councillors’ Priorities

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