Progressive Group: continuing to do politics differently in Exeter

The Green Party and Liberal Democrats are to continue their alliance on Exeter City Council following local elections which saw each Party gain a councillor – the Green Party in Newtown & St Leonard’s and the Liberal Democrats in St James & Duryard [1]. The Greens now have seven councillors and the Liberal Democrats four [1]. 

Co-leader of the Progressive Group, Diana Moore, who is Green Party councillor in St David’s ward, said:

“The Progressive Group began as a group of four councillors committed to doing politics in a more cooperative way. I am pleased that Green Party and Liberal Democrat councillors are keen to continue to work in this way focusing on what we agree on. We believe that by working cooperatively together we can be far more effective in holding the Labour-run council to account and speaking up for our communities and the local environment. With a combined total of 11 councillors the Progressive Group is now an even stronger force to be reckoned with and remains the official opposition on the Council.”

The other co-leader, Liberal Democrat councillor Michael Mitchell, said: 

“Many people in the City Centre feel let down by Labour – in St David’s, St James and Duryard, Newtown and St Leonard’s wards and Heavitree  – residents have Green and Liberal Democrat councillors who work extremely hard and speak up for residents in these wards.  The Progressive Group, unlike the Labour Party, doesn’t operate a whipping system instructing their members how to vote, so our councillors are able to vote in the  interest of their community and environment. We hope Labour will understand how important it is to listen to the councillors in these wards and the residents we are representing.”   


[1] Exeter City Council local election results 2024        

[2] Picture of Progressive Group members

[3] the Group have agreed that Cllr Diana Moore (Green Party) and Cllr Micheal Mitchell (Liberal Democrat) are co-leaders for the 24/25 Municipal year.

[4] The purpose of the agreement is (as agreed):

“… to collaborate through joint working arrangements in regard to issues of shared concern relating to the activities of Exeter City Council.

“The Group aims to hold the current Labour administration to account for its actions and to promote progressive ideals.

“It is recognised that members are from different political parties and backgrounds. Each party retains its own political identity. It is not intended that the group formation is or should lead to a formal political alliance or electoral arrangement, or in any way restrict members from carrying out ward duties or any other form of campaigning. “


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