Exeter Green Party launch local election campaign hopeful of increasing number of councillors

Exeter Green Party have launched their local election campaign, pledging to give communities in Exeter a better say in helping shape a greener, fairer city and to fight cuts to vital services that support people in greatest need. The Party is also proposing some creative ideas such as developing a modern market in the city centre, and a new ‘Ridgetop Park’ connecting Exwick, across the Mincinglake and Beacon Hills. [1]. 

The Greens are standing candidates across all wards in Exeter and are optimistic about increasing their number of councillors [2]. Currently there are six Green Party councillors and they are the second largest group on Exeter City Council.  

Leader of the Green group, Councillor Diana Moore, said:

“Exeter continues to grow its Greens. Our six councillors provide a strong voice for the community and stand up for the local environment. The Green group, as part of the official opposition, will continue to hold the Labour-dominated City Council to account. With even more councillors, we will be in an even stronger position to offer a positive challenge to Labour. The Conservative’s cruel austerity over 14 years have starved local authorities of vital funding. This means Councils must be even more careful about  spending money wisely.” 

“Over the years we have raised our concerns about Labour’s spending priorities and where they have decided to swing the axe: £5.6m in cuts are planned over the next three years. Our alternative budgets have found the funds to ensure that the services that matter most to our communities can be protected or invested in.” 

Catherine Rees, Green Party Councillor in Heavitree said:

“Our manifesto sets out a series of policies to address the climate crisis while tackling the cost-of-living crisis and reducing inequality in our city, especially the need for warm homes which are then cheaper to run.

“Crucially, we believe that communities must have a meaningful say in Exeter’s future development. The new Local Plan must show local people how it will prioritise affordable housing, healthier neighbourhoods, protecting local heritage and enhancing our green spaces and nature.”

Andy Ketchin, Green Party Councillor in Newtown and St Leonard’s said:

“Where Green Party councillors are elected, people see hard working individuals who listen to, help, and support residents with their concerns. We have a fantastic group of candidates standing in the local elections on Thursday 2nd May, ready to represent communities across Exeter on the City Council.” 



[1] See our full manifesto: Exeter Green Party manifesto 2024: A fairer, greener Exeter

[2] Exeter Green Party is standing a full slate of candidates. Find your candidate


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