General Election: It’s Greens or Labour in Exeter, says Green Party candidate Andrew Bell

The Green Party parliamentary candidate in Exeter, Andrew Bell [1], says the forthcoming General Election is a chance for voters in the city to choose hope and practical solutions to the crises facing the country. Pointing to the local election results in May within the new parliamentary boundary, Andrew Bell says the choice in Exeter is between Labour and the Greens [2].

Andrew Bell said:

“At last people have a chance to vote for a different vision of what our country can be. It is a chance to choose hope and practical solutions to the crises this city and the country face. Exeter needs an MP who is free to stand up for the people and the environment of our great city, not just stand in line to vote as they are told. I am ready to join a group of Green MPs at Westminster!”

“The exciting thing is, Greens can win here. Following the boundary changes to the Exeter constituency, this General Election will be between Labour and the Greens. Neither the Conservatives nor the Liberal Democrats can win in this new constituency.”

Andrew Bell says his priorities will be housing, tackling inequality, increasing funding for health and social care, and action to address the climate and nature emergencies.  

“My vision for Exeter is a city where everyone has an affordable home – which means building lots more council houses and introducing rent controls on private rental properties; a city where everyone can access a GP and an NHS dentist – which a wealth tax on super-rich billionaires and multi millionaires will help for; and a city where our green spaces and waterways are protected and improved – including cleaning up the River Exe, bringing water companies under public control so they work for the benefit of people and nature instead of private profit.”



  2. In the wards within the new Exeter constituency boundary the results were: Labour 37%, Green Party 23.6%, Conservative 12.5%, Liberal Democrat 11.2%, Independent 15.5%. 


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