Exeter’s first Green councillor to step down, but Party confident of victory in local elections

Exeter will bid farewell to ‘the effective opposition’ when Green councillor Chris Musgrave stands down at the end of his term this May. Diana Moore, who is hopeful of winning a Green seat in St David’s ward, praised Cllr Musgrave’s track record: “Chris has been the effective opposition on Exeter City Council. He has challenged the Council’s flawed plans for leisure facilities, strongly opposing the sell-off of the Clifton Hill sports centre, and pushed for action on the city’s air pollution and congestion problems. He has worked hard to hold Labour to account, consistently pointing out how to do things better and for that we should all be grateful. “He has also had some major achievements, not just in supporting residents in his Alphington ward but for the city as a whole. A motion he proposed on banning single use plastics in council run buildings and council sponsored events received unanimous support, while a motion calling for the city council to back a People’s Vote on the final deal between the UK and EU was adopted with strong backing.” Cllr Musgrave said: “For personal reasons, I have decided to stand down as a councillor. But I am sure Labour will be disappointed to hear, unlike some of their own sitting councillors who seem to operate remotely from London or Nottingham, that I don’t plan on going anywhere. I will continue to support the work of Exeter Green Party and our future elected councillors.” “I am confident we will win at least one seat in the local elections. Residents understand that Green councillors can put the interests of their ward first because there isn’t a Party machine dictating how they should vote. People also strongly support our priorities of tackling Exeter’s chronic air pollution crisis, protecting green spaces, creating a market square to support small local businesses and defending public services.” Exeter Green Party is standing candidates in all but one of the 13 wards being contested in the city council elections on May 2nd. The Party has agreed to stand aside in Newtown and St Leonard’s in favour of an independent candidate, Jemima Moore, from the Save Clifton Hill Green Space Campaign.

Tom Milburn, a longstanding and popular Green Party candidate in Newtown and St Leonard’s, said:

“I’ve been the Green Party candidate here for many years so standing aside has been a difficult decision. However, given the outrageous behaviour of the Labour Party councillors here in Newtown & St Leonard’s it is the right thing to do, at this time. We need to show what real community cohesion looks like.”   Ends   Notes [1] A regular blog by Chris Musgrave has detailed how he has held Labour to account as well as putting forward positive Green alternatives. 

See our Vote Green 2019 page for full details of our election campaign. 


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